Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas eveyone! Peace and love to all! Simon 🙂


Cassini Completes Final Close Enceladus Flyby

Following on from my post the other day https://sfarnell.wordpress.com/2015/12/17/cassinis-close-encouter-with-enceladus/ I hought something on the flyby would be need to to complete this story. The feature image I used shows a world covered in cracks in it's icy surface  and craters poc marking the surface. This world has surprised many with it geological activity and no... Continue Reading →

Over the Festive Period

This is just a note to all my bloggie friends that from today over the next week or so I'm not likely to be contactable. So have a great Christmas, thank you all so much for making this year, the best blog year ever and I know that you will make it even better next... Continue Reading →

The Dirty T-Shirt

So it happened. Always does at some point during the winter, beacuse it's dark in the morning and you have little clue about what you put on. I got to work thinking I was relatively presentable. Until I looked down... My T-Shirt looked like I had eaten last nights dinner off of it. What does... Continue Reading →

Epic Awesomness Award

Out of the blue my friend from books and hot tea nominated me for the  Epic Awesomness Award and I have to say I was touched. As my fellow bloggies know I love getting an award and so to get the Epic Awesomnness Award was kind of awesome. Thank you for nominating me - I... Continue Reading →

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