Autumn Walk

Yesterday was a great day and we went for a walk in the park. It was warm but windy and the trees and leaves we’re fun. Pooh sticks bridge always offers a chance for the great game…





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Cluck Cluck – The Chicken House


We’re lucky enough to have a big garden, beg enough to section off an area of some chickens. The eggs you get are better than any you get for the shops and they’re fun to watch. They’re totally stupid but seem to have a skill in escaping and finding holes in your fence. After we got more chickens and their hut was always wet, I decided to make them a new house – this is the stages of the new chicken house being built:

IMAG1728 IMAG1733




Simon 🙂

The Emoji Book Tag!

I was nominated today this fun book tag by Rawls E Fantasy it’s The Emoji Book Tag, and I dhope you enjoy it as I’ve had fun writing it. Thanks for nominating me! I hope you find my choices interesting 🙂

The rules are simple. It’s just about pairing up the most used or recently used emoji with a book of your choosing!

Laughing Crying Emoji

I mention this book far more than I should. the thing is it’s so fanny and totally timeless. I love the book and the series and it’s a must read!

Smiley Face Emoji

Reding this to my youngest son was a total delight. All of David Walliams books appeal to young and old alike and I loved this wonderful little story. It was full of character, surprises and a little sadness too.

Happy Nerd Emoji

I’ve not really used this emoji – but I should use it more as it’s so me. So I should use it more and this is the book or series of books that would go with it – 2001, arguably the best scifi story ever written.

My nimonees for this tag are:


Chaire Huston


Claire B






True North Nomad


I hope you all join in, no pressure as always… Happy Friday!

Simon 🙂

15 Years of the International Space Station


I never realised until I watch a program on Dave the other night… The International Space Station has been up there 15 years now! Wow!!! I remember when when it was just an idea, something that was going to happen, then the first modules went up and suddenly it’s been up there all this time. In orbit you see a sunrise every 92 minutes. This mean that in the 15 years it’s been up the it’s seen over 85,000 sunrises.

I don’t want to make this a big wirting piece, but I thought I would post a few of the pics I found about ISS, none of them are mine of course – but they’re all amazing in their own ways! Also this link to in infographic shows what’s been achieved up there – truly amzing!

This image taken from the ISS on 16 September 2003 shows the eye of Hurricane Isabel.

Expedition 10 commander Leroy Chiao is reflected in a water sphere on board the International Space Station in 2004.

Astronaut Stephen K Robinson, anchored to a foot restraint in 2005.

The ISS can be seen from Earth, here creating a streak in the sky in a picture from 2008 over Texas.

The sun rises over the horizon in this shot from 2009.

Astronaut Andrew Feustel reenters the space station after completing an eight-hour spacewalk in 2011.<br>

The Great Lakes and the central United States as viewed from the station in 2014.

Happy Friday all of you!

Simon 🙂

Note: No ownership claimed to pictures – taken from