Letter to Myself: Open Next Year (2017)


I was nominated to write this letter by Erin from Bubbles and Beebots. It was totally a surprise as I’ve not spoken much to her before. But I’m humbled by it and great thanks to you for it.

Dear Future Me,

Hello, Simon of 2017. If you’re reading this it’s safe to say you made it through another year. You were spared and despite it all you got here.

Let start off with the state of the world right now:

The China economy is slowing down, this is having a knock on effect to the rest of the world. If you’re making steel of drilling oil this is a bad thing. For you right now you look at the price of petrol and smile, because at the moment the prices are going down. Along with this there is general disharmony and fear about trouble in other parts of the world, lots of people trying to get away into Europe, which is causing more disharmony. You’re looking on and wondering why is it we’re facing these challenges in 2016? Why can’t we all live in peace? Why do we have to have economies that fail? Governments that lie and companies and banks cheating us out of our heard earned money? Lot’s of whys…

As you write this there are a few things going through your mind about your future. Should you stay at the company you’re working for? Anxiety about how your new magazine will be received if you ever get to publish it? Just chill, don’t lose your nerve. Publish the magazine, seriously you have to . If nothing else it might open a few more doors for you or increase your visibility in the industry you work in and that can’t be a bad thing.

Stop worrying about all the work you have to do and the jobs going on. Take some time out to chill sometimes because you need it and deserve it and need a break sometimes. Do more stuff that’s going to make you happy, read, write, make some more Numpty’z cartoons. Do these things and see where it takes you on life’s journey through the year. Go outside and do what you love to do – explore. Along with this explore different philosophies and ways of thinking. Come to your own decisions about your life.

Another things, listen to music – lots of it. It’s proved to you that music is something you need. Not want… need. It helped pull you through the bad times and it will help you through life. Look out for the Two Steps from Hell guys as they always make amazing music.

When you get here (if) re blog this and write about how it all went. What’s going on now? How are things different? Was 2016  good year?

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My nominees are old and new, some of them I want to lavish a little love and attention on as I have been neglecting them. But with all of them I’m interested an what they have to say.

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Simon 🙂





Leaping the Void


Leaping the Void:

The darkness was enveloping her mind and vision. Overloaded with the sensations of sounds and the crippling force that brought her to where she was now. Was she dead? Who was she even? What was it she could hear? Voices? The roar subsided and slowly the sounds became clearer. She was breathing fast, she knew somehow this was bad and tried to control her breathing. For moment she lay there, collecting her thoughts, looking up and the bright blue and a white gem against the black sky, peppered with stars.

“Kristen, are you there? Please respond” was what she could hear, over and over. Dazed she lay there some more before she realised.

“I’m Kristen” she said out loud, still breathing hard, slowly getting control. She pressed the intercom button “Science officer Bowman here control, I’m here… I’m not sure what happened”

“Bowman, thank God you’re there. You’re heart rate is really high, you’ve got to get your breathing under control. Where’s Mendez and Harrison?” Kristen truned to rest on her elbow, her mind returning to the events. The massive quake, she had been looking right at both Mendez and Harrison when they vanished. Kristen looked round, now slowly sitting up, amazed that her life support system wasn’t damaged.

“I can’t see them contol!” She replied “I’m fairly sure they’re gone – they vanished in front of me.” Kristen picked herself up as the only way one can in a space suit. Finally getting up and standing as close as she dare the huge chasm that had appeared where her friends once stood. “What happened control?” She asked.

“We’re not sure Bowman, but we need to get you back here. What’s your oxygen level indicating?” Control was sounding concerned, the moon walk had already been going on several hours and they were due back soon anyway.

“It’s showing at 14 percent control” For a moment there was silence.

“Acknowleged Bowman, we need to find you a way over that chasm. You’re only a ten minute walk away from here. But it will take you three hours to get round the chasm, and about forty minutes to drive the Mule round. But you only have thrity minutes of air left and that’s if you’re careful.”

For a moment, Kristen stood there thinking. “I’ve got an idea” she finally said “You’re going to like this.” Kristen walked slowly and steadily toward the Mule. Once she got there she reached into a side compartment and pulled out a firearm. Looking round she could see that the Mule would be useless anyway, it’s front wheels sunk into the Lunar dust. Carefully she climbed onto the Mule’s cabin, looking round she could clearly see the base just the other side of the chasm.

“I’m not going to die here like this!” She thought to herself as she turned around and sat on the circular hatch atop the cabin. Her back was to the base, taking out the firearm and gripping in in here left hand she began the release procedure for the hatch.

“Bowman? What in God’s name are you doing? This really isn’t…”

In space, there is no sound. Which is a good thing in some ways as right at that second the hatch flew open and catapulted the determined woman up and across the chasm.

“Ohhh…myyy… Gooooddd!!!” Kristen shouted as she felt herself shot up and away from the Mule. Regaining her senses, she fired the gun.. one, two, three, four times. Each shot pushing her further and further away from the Mule and toward the base.

For what seemed like an age she was flying over the Lunar surface, no one had ever done this before. No one had needed or wanted to and she could see why. A red light in her helmet flashed, only 8 percent oxygen now. She had very few minutes of oxygen left. Finally she was descending, but at a hell of a rate. Turning to face the base… somehow in flight. As she got nearer the ground she pointed the gun toward the ground and fired one, two, three, four times. That was it, no more rounds left. Kristen had slowed but was still moving fast. She had not only cleared the chasm but was so close to the base. Moving her arms and legs as if to run.

Suddenly it was all a blur and once more Kristen was looking up and the blue and white globe that was the Earth. The red light was flashing and now there was a buzzer telling her that she was dangerously low on oxygen. Her visor was cracked and was only vaguely aware of being pulled into the Lunar base. Then, there was nothing.

“Wake up Bowman… wake up! Hell of a stunt you pulled off out there!” Kristen slowly opened here eyes, Scott Williams the base commander was sat next to her. She was laying in the base infirmary but all she could think about was the damn, thumping headache.

“I made it?” Kristen whispered weakly.

“Sure did Bowman, we had to pull you in becasue you crashed so hard. You’ve been asleep there for two days. Sorry about Mendez and Harrison, but we’re glad you’re back safe.”

With that Williams got up and left, Kristen was lost in her thoughts. She had made it, just. Thinking about her missing friends she lay there watching the medic checking her.

“Why me?” Kristen asked.

“What?” the medic asked, confused at the question.

“Why did I make it?” Kristen asked.

“Ask God, becasue I can’t aswer that. from what I hear it didn’t come easy.” The medic checked some instruments and adjusted a couple of levels and walked off, leaving Kristen alone. Alone to wonder why against all the odds, she had made it back.

©2016 Simon Farnell

No ownership claimed on images.



This story was written for of Rachael Ritchey’s blog battle, the theme for this week is Chasm and the rules are below. If you don’t take part already and would like to, have a look at Rachaels blog battle page.


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