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Inferno – Esthers Monday Motivations 

This week Esther set her Monday Motivations challenge around the words Glasses, Blaze and Madness. This is quite a tricky one to combine but I’ve had a go anyway:


Beep, beep,beep the alarm sounded so distant in Sam’s sleep. Not sure if it was a dream he thought the claxons would stop. 

They didn’t stop, slowly he awoke from his deep sleep, the room dark, the beep, beep of a fire alarm ringing in his ears. His head banging from the heavy drinking session only a few hours before. 

Gathering his senses Sam put on his glasses but still could see anything apart from a faint glow from the door. Hurriedly he pulled on his trousers, falling flat to the floor with a bump as he lost his balance, knocking his already hurting head.

“I don’t need this!” He mumbled as he lay there panting. He pulled his trousers on awkwardly then stood up and made his way to the door. Turning the latch he opened the door and was met with a wall of fire. The blaze roared only feet away from him, but Sam felt no heat.

In a moment of what seemed like madness he stepped into the fire and walked towards the direction of the stairwell. His vision a blur of flickering yellow and orange he took one step at a time until he cleared the inferno. Descending the stairwell he realised he was now naked, his clothed burned off of him. At that instant a black cloth landed next to him.

“Put that on will you?”a soft female voice purred “Your modesty need protecting and I saw enough of that earlier!”

Sam spun round “what? You? Laura?”

“Laura isn’t my name, call me shadow”

Sam pulled on the cloak “what happened?” He asked from under the long black cloak.

“I told you, you have a special ability!”

“I thought you meant…”

“No, not like that, but I have to admit it was pretty good!” Shadow exclaimed “You are an immortal entity and your abilities are only just becoming apparent. The master knows about you and wants to meet you. Will you come?”

Shadow held her and out looking deep into Sam’s eyes, he took his glasses off, black and cracked he threw them down. He looked straight at Shadow and took her hand.

Simon 🙂

Monday motivations -The Goragoth

I’m trying to keep some posts running through here, I always love writing for Esther’s Monday Motivations so while i had chance I thought I would. I hope you’re all well and if you guys want to ping me or whether then you know where I am 😀

I’m missing you all by the way…

The Goragoth

The tunnels under the city of Goratray were dark and forbidding like no other place. It felt like the darkness was a blanket that captivated you, like it could be cut just like the air on a misty day. But that was the point of them, they were used to capture the immortal creature and incarcerate it for all time. But Sophira was down here, dragged by an immense evil and now here he was, Maximilian the king’s best knight and only hope of seeing his daughter again.

Maximilian’s sword was sturdy in his had, ready to strike, his best sense was his hearing, a fire would only give his presence away. Goragoth had to be defeated blind, the only way he could be. Maximilian had just passed what seemed to be a junction of four tunnels and left a huge opening behind. Stopping briefly to hear what he could, It was then….

His skin crawled…

His blood ran stone cold…

He didn’t want to turn around; he knew just what he’d see and he could face anything but that! He had seen him once before and hasn’t realised who he was, now Maximilian knew as from behind his name was growled with bloodthirsty vengence.
I hope you guys like it.

Simon 😀

Torrents of memories 

I stand absorbed by the falling water. Like moments in time they coomr and go so fast. Lost to the pool below, mixed together in an inseparable mix. 

Yet my pool of thoughts can be separated, in mixed from the rest to bring g back moments in a drop, feelings lost to be rediscovered. 

Soon I’m lost to every falling drop, memories crash over me in a crescendo and the moments lost in the torrent until I can feel them again. 

Simon ☺

Esther’s Monday Motivation – It was over. 

I’ve been busy this week, but I still had to check Esther’s Monday motivation. This week is an interesting one, the phrase to use in a 50 – 100 word story is “it was over” 

Here’s my piece on it:

Surviving the end:

They had been waiting for weeks for it to come. Now Adams and the rest couldn’t take it in. The massive rock slammed into the Earth, carving it’s destruction over the surface as they watched in stunned silence from orbit. Every last vistage of human existence either turned to ash or washed away. Finally…  It was over. 

After a few hours it struck them all. What now? If they stayed they would certainly die as there was no one to resupply them. If they left…  Could Earth still support human life? 

I wrote this on my phone so I’ve no idea of the word count. 

Thanks as always to Esther. 

Simon 🙂

The Wallet – Esther Monday Motivation

I’m going to try and stay in the word limit for this week’s Esther Newton – Monday Motivation. Thanks as always to Esther for running this, she’s very encouraging.

This week the theme is: If she didn’t stop doing that soon, he was going to kill her.

The Wallet

In life there are moments  you want the Earth to swallow you up. This was happening to my mate Dean.

He wanted to pay for lunch to impress the boss, it was review time and he wanted a raise. So he thought he would pay for lunch. Good move eh? This wasn’t the first time Tania had taken money from him to pay for her shopping without telling him. The guys were staring… they knew something was wrong.

If she didn’t stop doing that soon, he was going to kill her I thought to myself.



Simon  🙂


Short and Sweet Advice for Writers: Remember. The World Runs on Stories. | Live to Write – Write to Live

This post from Jamie Lee Wallace is just the inspiration any writer needs to keep writing their stories! If you’re not following her – why not?!?

I hope you don’t mind the re-blog Jamie.

via Short and Sweet Advice for Writers: Remember. The World Runs on Stories. | Live to Write – Write to Live

Simon 🙂

Writing Prompt – I hadn’t thought that would happen…

Esther Newton runs her weekly Monday Motivation post to inspire the budding writers around her to generate a small piece of writing.

This week the theme is:  I hadn’t thought that would happen. So what was I going to do now?

This is what I came up with:

Radio Troubles:

The radio wasn’t badly damaged, but even so it was his job to get it working again. The captain needed to radio the rest of the fleet ahead of the intruders and they only had an hour until they would be in firing range.

“Oi! Beaumont – where the hell is that radio?” Chief Watson was breathing down his neck. As chiefs went he wasn’t old school, but he still had a hell of a bark and a temper!

“Just a few minutes sir!” Beaumont called back, sweat pouring off of him as he clipped in the power connection.

Nothing happened. Damn it. Watson was going to tear a strip off him if it wasn’t working soon. Beaumont shoot the sweat from his head and went through the circuit again. He wired in a new fuse and plugged in the power again.


Beaumont swore out loud! He didn’t expect that t happen, what was he going to do now?

“Beaumont! What the hell have you done?” Chief screamed back again.

In desperation he flicked the switch and the radio sprang into life! Beaumont didn’t expect that either.

“It’s working sir!” Beaumont shouted back.

“Well done my son!” Watson growled back “Never a doubt in my mind!”

Simon 🙂




Life or Death – 150 Words

Esther’s Monday motivation was delivered to my inbox this morning. Esther has frequently encouraged me to take part in one of her short story writing prompts, so I thought today I would. Esther’s prompt post is here: Monday Motivations – “This was a matter of life or death”

The prompt is to include the line “This was a matter of life or death” in a 150 word short story:


Frank looked over the side of the oil rig in terror, the tanker had broken free of it’s moorings in the storm and was now heading straight for the rig. He picked up his radio and shouted into it “Collision alert – evacuate the rig now!” the controller could only just be heard, Frank held the radio close to his ear, the wind and rain tearing past him as he struggled to hear.

“Now!” Frank shouted back down the radio. Frank knew this was a matter of life and death for him and the hundred of others on the rig and the ship, there was nothing anyone could do about it either! Finally Frank heard the klaxons sounding to evacuate, men were running towards the evacuation points, no one asking questions.

Again Frank looked over the side, the tanker was huge even at this height! Frank felt like he could reach out and touch it, frozen to the spot he watched as it drifted closer and closer. Gripping the hand rails with all his strength, all Frank could do now was close his eyes and wait for the collision.


Thanks Esther for running this, I hope this little piece does it justice.

Simon 🙂