What’s the Energy with Matter?

If you’ve read the title and thinking that I’ve got it the wrong way around or I’ve gone mad, I’m sorry it is the right way around and… well let’s leave the madness thing. What this is about is Eisenstein’s quote about the face that all matter is basically energy.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.

– Albert Einstein

Converting matter into energy

It sounds like the mad ramblings of something out of science fiction, but thinking about it, matter and energy are always swapping place. For example, if something is burned like, oil, gas or coal the matter is being converted into heat energy. This is very inefficient as there’s lot so bi-products left behind.

Nuclear fission is another process for converting matter into energy. It’s more efficient but the bi product left behind is far more dangerous. We then have fusion which goes a step further. In all these cases matter is converted into heat and light, which is then used to generate our own energy.

But what about the other way around?

Converting energy into matter

In Einsteins theory of general relativity he proves that the absolute maximum speed limit possible in the universe, the speed of light is not achievable by anything which has mass.

The reason is that if we were to travel in a starship and gradually get faster and closer to the speed of light, the mass of the ship and anything else on board would increase. The way of think of mass is the sum of all energies of an object, this would include any inertial energy.

The problem gets worse the closer to light speed we get, so much so that at light speed we reach infinite mass. The reason that mass become infinite is because the energy required to achieve the speed of light is infinite. This is why it’s not possible to reach the speed of light, at least in the physical universe of Einsteins theories.

But the point of all this is that as you put energy in, mass increases. Mass increase indicated something is getting heavier and matter is somehow being created. No one really knows kind of how this works. It’s pure mathematics and so far the theory has held up to physical observations.

Matter and Atoms

Maybe a simpler way of thinking about matter is that it’s made up of atoms, which are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. What determines different kind of matter is the made up of the atoms, so the number of electrons and shells the atom has. This all looks very much like our own solar system, with it’s core of energy and circling planets.

It’s also worth remembering that an atom can also break down into it’s component energy parts… so, this becomes perhaps a simpler way to think about the relationship and barrier between matter and energy.

What does it matter?

Yes, I know – a pun. In terms of our everyday this doesn’t matter at all. Everyone around us is the same, no different, just a bag of goo made up from star dust. But there comes into this the thought that even from a scientific point of view can we really dismiss the point of view that we’re just the result of a huge accident?
Was the sun or the universe lonely? We can look up and see the very thing where all our energy and matter comes from, we would be dead without it. One day it will take back what it gave us, one day we will return to stardust.

The energies of the universe combined to make the matter that makes itself and from that this microscopic smear that’s called life (let alone the human race) is living and thriving in the world and the energies that created it. Watching with awe as it all takes place. The universe watching itself, trying to work out what it all means.

How can that be an accident?

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Why can’t we hear the aliens?

Right now the human race has this big obsession with aliens. If they’re out there where are they? Why don’t they make contact? Are they ignoring us? Among this is the thinking that our radio signals from the past 100 years or so are showing a potential alien race where we are and so we should really be quieter.

Seti – the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence has been scouring the radio waves for a sign that alien life is out there and transmitting radio waves that we can pick up. This brings to me images of aliens some light years away watching the BBC and you know what that annoys me becasue they haven’t paid their license!

Man on a can from Canva

I think that maybe we’re missing something. Consider for a moment the crude form of communication between two tins using a piece of string. Someone standing next to them with a radio or mobile phone can’t hear them and the people with the can’s can’t hear the phone conversation.

What if, just maybe there’s a different way of communication that aliens have found that is way better than radio? To them we’re still on strings and can’s and maybe they’re using gravity waves to communicate on and that’s much better?

USS Enterprise -E No Credit claimed

Because they probably have warp drive and if they still used radio the starship would overtake the radio signal so that would be useless. It’s better to deliver the message in person. You know, I’m kind of thinking here that we’re on radio silence probably becasue we’re not listening right.

I think we need to be ready though, becasue when we do find the right way to communicate we need to be ready for the millions of text messages asking where we are and telling us that we’re rude for ignoring them. We might be behind on Galaxy space rent as well which we might not be expecting.

Either that or maybe yeah… they’re ignoring us.

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Even the Insignificant has Significance

I’ve often portrayed this universe as so immense, humanity so small.


So what’s the point?

If we’re so small and the universe so big why do we struggle to achieve and create?

Just remember…

Solar Eclipse – No credit claimed on Image – Credit NASA

Even a world as insignificant as the Moon can block out the mighty Sun’s light and heat… from the right perspective.

© Simon Farnell 2020

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