How big are the problems in your life?

Often the trials and problems of life seem huge A great wall separates us from happiness and fulfilment But look at this picture, go on – look. How big are your problems now? Can they not be solved? Can a way be found? I’ll bet on it there is a way. Simon 😀

Room 101 Award

My great friend Lennon nominated me for this award / tag. She said some wonderful things about me when she tagged me. I’m glad she thinks of me as such a great friend. I’ve loved getting to know Lennon, she’s open and very honest and it’s been enjoyable talking to someone without having to holdContinue reading “Room 101 Award”

The Ashes of Dead Stars

“We are literally the ashes of long dead stars” said Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees. But what does that mean? I apologise now, I’m going to get technical and anyone who has done chemistry will recognise this, if you hated it you will groan: Yup, it’s the periodic table… with a difference.This picture of theContinue reading “The Ashes of Dead Stars”