Adam and Eve and those 900 Years

Just to make sure that everyone reading this starts at the same point, Adam and Eve were supposed to have been about 900 years old when they died. During a quiet time this got me thinking - how can humans, even the humans that were meant to have walked this Earth first possibly live to … Continue reading Adam and Eve and those 900 Years


Black Holes – Time dilation and messing with my head

My mind is getting a bit fried right now. Maybe it's to do with this time of year, but I've been thinking about time dilation, black holes and that kind of thing. This has all come about from the film Interstellar where a group of astronauts try to find a new home for the human … Continue reading Black Holes – Time dilation and messing with my head

Eternally Spinning through the Cosmos

  Whatever happens today or any other day - remember that whatever we do here the Earth keeps spinning. Round the sun, spinning on it's axis, days come and go years pass and the Earth keeps spinning. Life is so short - the Earth in comparison is eternal it was here when we were born … Continue reading Eternally Spinning through the Cosmos

But for man…

I had an amazing comment from my friend Roger of heroicallybadwriters on my post Perspectives in life he said: Remember Things to Come 1936 film: "But for Man, no rest and no ending. He must go on, conquest beyond conquest. First this little planet with its winds and ways, and then all the laws of mind and matter that … Continue reading But for man…

Power of our Earth

What power you command Earth, your smallest ripple could crush us in an instant. What seems to us as immeasurable force is merely a touch for you. How foolish are we to think we can harness your rage. We live here because you allow us, not because our feeble skills and creations make us safe. … Continue reading Power of our Earth

Making sense of the mess that’s the UK’s EU referendum

The time is fast approaching of the UK's referendum on EU membership. The 23rd of June 2016 marks the day when finally, after numerous successive prime ministers have failed to deliver their promises that they let us have our say on whether or not we stay in the EU. So - what do I think? … Continue reading Making sense of the mess that’s the UK’s EU referendum