What Are the Bright Spots on Ceres?

I’ve been keeping a close eye on this subject over the months. The bright spots on Ceres have caused much debate with of course the usual talk of aliens thrown in. This is the latest article from NASA on the subject, with some great pictures (but no aliens).   https://nasa.tumblr.com/post/134943136399/what-are-the-bright-spots-on-ceres Have a great day all!Continue reading “What Are the Bright Spots on Ceres?”

The Ashes of Dead Stars

“We are literally the ashes of long dead stars” said Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees. But what does that mean? I apologise now, I’m going to get technical and anyone who has done chemistry will recognise this, if you hated it you will groan: Yup, it’s the periodic table… with a difference.This picture of theContinue reading “The Ashes of Dead Stars”

15 Years of the International Space Station

I never realised until I watch a program on Dave the other night… The International Space Station has been up there 15 years now! Wow!!! I remember when when it was just an idea, something that was going to happen, then the first modules went up and suddenly it’s been up there all this time.Continue reading “15 Years of the International Space Station”