Yuletide Winter Wonderland

If you watch any English TV, the Christmas specials almost always end with snowfall. This is a lie. However we've got very close to a white Christmas this year and here are some pics I managed to grab before freezing my unspeakables off! I hope you've all had a great Christmas! Simon ☺️


Nature’s Power and Beauty

This morning I woke to the sound of wind and it was the right type of day to do something pretty cool and make a time lapse video of some clouds. So on the way to work I made this: Despite this beauty the power of the wind has been in the news a lot... Continue Reading →

My own Moon shots

Over the last week, we've seen a lot of pictures of the moon, typically in front of the sun. But the other night, I got out the tripod, my smart phone and a 'special lens' and took some pics. I'm rather proud of these! Look how great these are! You can see individual craters, half... Continue Reading →

The Little Bird

There was a little bird in our garden, just about able to fly, but not properly. cute little things baby birds are but despite our need to look after them leaving them be is the best thing, nature has to sort itself out without our interference. I hope he was ok, I like to think... Continue Reading →

The Days End

The day is over. Red skies herald the days end. As birds find sleep bats flutter against the orange and red hues. Coolness touches as calmness descends. The day has ended... Soon a new day will dawn. Simon 😊

When Lightning Flashes

I love lightning, I've always wanted to get my own lightning shots and by some convoluted technical fiddlery I got these. I love the random patterns... I love the now knowing what to expect... And the noise, natures theatre of lighning. It's amazing and these pictures while not perfect are pretty cool and shoes me... Continue Reading →

Crisp Winter Dog Walk

There's nothing better than getting out this time of year. Crisp grass lasting well into the morning or later, fresh air and that smell of the chill in the air. The dog likes it too despite her age snd it gives the opportunity for a few snaps. Simon ☺

Angela Nikolau’s -Leg Tingling Selfies

If you're scared of heights don't look at this - Angela Nikolau’s seems to live life on the edge, taking selfies in some rather high up places. Have a look, this made my legs tingle... via This Girl Takes The World’s Scariest Selfies (Look Away If You’re Terrified Of Heights) Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on... Continue Reading →

Sunshine through the rain

I took this the other day on the way to work. It was like the rainbow was showing the clouds it wouldn't be beaten, despite their strangling, their darkness. The sun was shining on through the rain. Simon 😀

Rainy Walk

I loved my lunchtime walk, it was warm with a little rain, the drip drop of the rain on the lake and the ducks loving the water. Simon 🙂

Perspectives in life

By looking at the world through a drop I can turn the world upsidown. By standing in someones shoes I can see life their way. By looking back where the grass is greener, I see that my grass isn't so yellow. So why do some things still elude me? Why can't I grasp some aspects... Continue Reading →

Iceland Pictures

A while ago a friend of mine went to Iceland for a holiday. I was dead jealous, forget the Bahama's or other beach holidays, I would love to go to Iceland. Mainly becasue the people are crazy and I think I would fit right in, but also becasue of the scenery and northern lights. My... Continue Reading →

The Stones of Castlerigg

Most of us here will have heard of Stone Henge, but there are many lesser stone circles around the UK. This one at Castlerigg near Keswick is one such place. You have to stand here and think about what went on in this place, why it was made and who and how. Set in this... Continue Reading →

Keswick & Derwent Water from atop Cat Bells

These pictures were taken perhaps 10 years ago or more, I had forgotten them until recently. I've dug them out to share them with you all. They were originally taken in a panoramic format, but I can't see how that can come acrozz on here. Enjoy them anyway! Simon 🙂

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