Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 5

Steve watched eagerly as Preeta entered the courtyard of the light temple Somehow and he wasn’t sure how but the monsters were not aware of him. Slowly he made his way forward until he reached the centre of the courtyard. Preeta stood there, he held out hs staff and mumbled some words, the monsters instantly turned and looked at him. Striking the ground with his staff Preeta yelled out.

“Now be gone!”

A flash of light radiated out from where the staff struck the ground. For a moment Steve was blinded, when his vision cleared he couldn’t believe it! The monsters were gone! Rushing down Steve went to join Preeta. Seeing Steve approaching Preeta shouted out “hurry crafter, the monsters will still keep arriving from these… Things” Preeta was pointing the the spawners. Sure enough in no time zombies and other monsters were appearing again.

Steve had to think of a way to destroy the spawners. It was then that it hit him. Lashing out at the monsters he took them down. Hurriedly he turned, setting down a crafting table he used the explosive he had collected from the killed creepers and in not time he had three blocks of dynamite.

Fighting his way forward again Steve for fight up to the spawners and placed the blocks of dynamite. Lighting them he turned to Preeta “Run Preeta! Head for the door!”

The two of them ran as fast as they could, reaching the door just as the explosion hit Preeta hid himself from the blast. Steve was blown out of the doorway, yelling as he hit the floor. The blast soon subsided and Preeta made his way over to Steve.

“Crafter – are you alright?”

“Yes… I’m fine!” Steve coughed and spluttered “Just give me a moment – I’m ok!”

Turning around to see his hang work Steve exclaimed “That’s how you do it!”

“Nicely done crafter!”

The light from the day had almost gone and it was getting dark. The two of them walked towards the door to the inner chambers of the light temple.

“Once we are inside we will not have to worry about monsters young crafter!” Steve handed Preeta the key, taking it Preeta pushed it firmly into the lock and turned. The mechanism seemed heavy, but not stiff or sticky as a rusted lock might be. Pushing the door, the light dazzled Steve. Like morning sun on a summer day the light streamed from the door.

“Let’s go in shall we crafter?”

“After you Preeta!” Steve replied “I have no idea where or what this is.”

“Have no fear crafter, we are near the end of the journey!”

Following Preeta into the light Steve hoped very much that he was nearing the end of his journey. This whole adventure was something Steve hadn’t expected or wanted. Preeta stopped and motioned to Steve.

Steve couldn’t believe it, in front of him were hundreds, or maybe thousands of people. They were stood like a statue army. “Are these the people of the city?” Steve asked

“Yes crafter, they were imprisioned here. Now we’re here we can set them free, I need your help one last time to set them free”

“Waht do you need?” Steve asked.

Looking at Steve, Preeta grinned “Not much! A crafting table to start with!”

“And next?” Steve asked as he placed a cafting table on the floor

“Your diamond sword!” Preeta saked. Steve wasn’t sure about this. It was his only protection and giving it up would mean any attacker could easily over power him.

“Are you sure about this Preeta?”

“Oh yes!” Preeta replied.

©Simon Farnell 2016

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Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 3

The torch gave Steve a much needed but dim light, stepping forward he could only see a little way ahead. at first he could see nothing but darkness ahead, but after what seemed like forever he could finally see a shape ahead. Steve walked a few steps nearer and out of the darkness a pure white marble block appears, sculpted into an ornate head with a crown on it’s head.

“This must be the head of a king or ruler here!” Steve thought to himself. He looked back and the entry to the tunnel was now tiny and dimly lit.

“Have you found anything Steve?” he heard Preeta calling, his voice was faint but he could hear his question.

“Yes, I have!” Steve called back “I haven’t found the key yet!”

“Keep looking Steve- it’s there!”

Looking round the head Steve saw nothing, standing next it he looked round the room and thought  for a moment. He rested his hand on the crown. As he put his hand down the stone moved and Steve moved away quickly, looking at the statue head he saw the mouth drop open and inside was…

“The Key!” Steve shouted. “I have it Preeta!”

“Good! Bring it to me Steve!” Preeta shouted back. Turning to go back down the tunnel Steve stepped on something soft, in that instant he thought it was strange as he hadn’t felt it as he walked in. At that moment a huge stone door slid down and shut off the tunnel.

“I’m trapped!” Steve shouted out, really not certain why as Preeta probably couldn’t hear. After a few moment Steve was aware of another noise, then in each of the corners of the room water started flowing up and onto the floor. Steve was feeling as if this was going to be his last moments as the water rose higher and higher, over his knees the water rose and it showed no sign of slowing.

Steve was holding the torch up to keep the light as long as he could. With the water over his shoulders Steve was treading water and wondering why he ever started this trip.

“This has just gone from bad to worse!” he mumbled to himself as the torch finally dropped and the room was plunged into darkness.

“Great!” he said to himself. It was then that he could hear the sound of grinding, then a loud whoosh as water rushed from the room. He had no idea which direction he was going but Steve felt himself suddenly pulled down. Holding his breath he had no idea where he was or what was going on.

Sometime later Steve found himself laying on the floor of another chamber, some time must have passed – it was light outside, the light streaming through long slotted windows. As he went to get up he was aware of a figure in the corner of the room.

“You had to go exploring didn’t you?” The figure spoke to Steve in a calm tone, but he was obviously angry.

“You had to go and find this place didn’t you?” The figure spoke again.

“I don’t know what you mean?” Steve replied.

“No, that’s the problem isn’t it? You don’t know and you just keep going around, digging up things, trouble and getting into things you shouldn’t!” The figure stepped forward into the light, Steve was shocked.

“Mike? What are you doing here?” Steve asked.

“He’s here to take the key Steve – Don’t give it to him!” A voice from behind him said, Steve recognised it as Preeta’s.

“Why not?” Steve Asked, looking back at him.

“He’s the rogue crafter that has imprisoned the city!” Preeta replied. Looking back at Mike he had drawn his diamond sword and was walking towards Steve and Preeta.

To be continued…

©Simon Farnell 2016

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Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 2

Following on from his last adventure, Steve has stumbled across the lost city of Minos and he needs to help free it’s people to get back home:


Steve was standing there, the city was so magnificent, he couldn’t help but stare at it’s beauty – he was was in awe! The buildings were made in pure white marble, the setting sun shone off their walls and edges like glass, the city was falling into darkness with the sun setting fast.

“We must hurry now!” said Preeta “As darkness falls the monsters will come out – they are here to keep out any rescuers!”

“Let’s hurry then, is there somewhere safe we can go?”

“Yes” Preeta replied “follow me quickly!” with that Preeta was off, faster than Steve could run. He could still see him but he was getting further and further away. Around him Steve could hear the moans of the zombies and the rattle of the skeletons emerging from their slumber.

“Quickly young crafter!” Preeta shouted back to Steve “Time is short!”

As fast as he could Steve ran toward Preeta, his diamond sword drawn and ready to defend himself and Preeta. In moments he had caught up with Preeta a host of monsters was making their way towards him. Swinging his sword Steve cut down two zombies and a skeleton. He turned back and some creepers were creeping menacingly toward him. Cutting them down with some swift strokes they were down before they could explode.

“Flick the switch near to you crafter!” Preeta told Steve – he flicked it and nothing happened. Looking around, Steve felt anxious as the monsters crept closer.

“Flick it back up crafter, we need to flick our switches at the same time!” Preeta quickly explained. Steve wasn’t going to question Preeta, he flicked the switch up, looked across at Preeta.

“Now!” Steve shouted. They both flicked their switches down and a stone door slid across. Wasting no time they both shot into the doorway, Preeta flicked a switch up while he was inside and the door slid shut. Turning Steve noticed a skeleton had made it inside, slicing at the skeleton with his sword it soon collapsed on the floor.

Suddenly there was quiet. The distant sound of monsters now safely behind the thick walls. Looking around there was light in the room. But no torches, Steve walked up to the glowing stone and touched it. The stone felt faintly warm on his fingers.

“Glowstone?” Steve asked Preeta.

“Yes.” Preeta answered.

“I’ve heard about it – I thought it was a myth!”

“It’s not a myth crafter – if you know where to find it it is common, but it’s not without danger to find it.”

“Call me Steve – where does it come from?” He probed Preeta – very curious about the unusual stone.

“It comes from the Nether realm Steve, where the monsters are far more dangerous and the Nether Dragons rule over their hoards of gems and other precious blocks!”

“Nether dragons? I’ve seen one before and I helped it back to it’s realm. Are we in the nether realm? This whole place should be dark and underground, yet the sun is here!”

“So many questions Steve – in good time you will understand the answers. But before you do – we must free my people. This entrance to the city was safe as two are needed to open the door. The one evil crafter could not enter here, despite all his best efforts. From here we must find where the gold keys have been hidden so we can unlock the gates to the enchanted halls of Minos. The people are there, trapped, but hidden.”

“How do we find these keys?” Steve asked, almost afraid to as somehow he knew this wasn’t going to be as easy as it sounded.

“Through here Steve.” Preeta showed him another large stone doorway, he opened it with a lever and beyond was a dark hallway, just big enough for one person.

“What’s in there?” Steve asked uneasily, this trip was getting worse the further it went on.

“I don’t know Steve.” Preeta answered flatly, I cannot enter this place. It is enchanted, kept safe so none from the city may enter. You must go in and come back with the keys, or we will be trapped here in this city and these monsters!”

“This doesn’t look good – it’s dark!” Steve protested. “There’s none of your glowstone! There could be anything down there!”

Preeta shrugged “Yes – there might!” he said calmly. “But we know what’s out there – don’t we?” he pointed to the door to the outside, where groans and rattles could just be heard.

Steve wasn’t happy – he gave Preeta a look of disapproval. He had a few torches left, putting one in the tunnel Steve advanced forward, diamond sword in hand.

To be continued…

©Simon Farnell 2016

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Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 1

It had been some time since Steve had been exploring on his own since Mike had turned up, but Steve had the opportunity since Mike had accidentally taken some poisionus potion, he thought he had made an invincibilty potion. Steve thought he shouldn’t have swapped the Golden apple for the spider eyeball.Mike was going to to be ill for a little while, so he left him in peace, took his diamond sword and other diamond tools and went out into the unkown.

Steve went exploring near the sea, looking for caves or anything else different or unusual. The normal holes in the ground that often appear were there, but Steve had spent a lot of time underground as wanted to explore something different. As he rounded a corner he spied an island he hadn’t seen before. He wasn’t sure, but even from where he was there was something he thought he could see that attracted him to it.

Getting out his diamond axe he chopped away at a tree and soon he had some planks and sticks to make a boat. In short time Steve was making his way over to the island. Luckily it wasn’t too far away. We he got there he climbed the island walls and was over the top. He soon relaised that some people had been here before. There was an old village, but no villagers, there was noone about. They had taken most of their stash too, nothing of value or use was left. He walked around some more and then noticed bubbling lava in a hole. This was dammed with a gate and a channel led away. Following the channel Steve had no idea what was going on, this seemed an unusual thing to create.

Soon he met with what appeared to be a cave, it was only small but dark. A crooked old sign with unreadable scriblings on was at the side. When Steve looked up he could see now what it was, a big old building hidden with plants and vines. This was the entrance to some old bulding, left for who knows how long. Steve wanted to explore the cave, but it was too dark, so drawing his tools he chopped wood and mined stone. he made a crafting table and a furnace and place them side by side. Steve made sticks and charcoal and soon had a good number of torches he could use to help him explore the building.

walking towards the doorway Steve stepped in and instantly dropped into darkness on the floor. It was quite a drop and he lost some health. Putting up some lamps around the room it seemed empty, the room he was in wasn’t too big. Steve made some steps out of Oak planks so that he could get out again, he didn’t have quite enough and would have to jump to get out. But at least he could get out. Drawing his sword Steve walked toward the corridor out of the entrace chamber. the corridor was made from bare stone and had strange markings and painting he had never seen before. Placing torches as he went Steve suddenly froze.

He recognised the sounds coming from ahead, zombies and skeletons we up ahead, but he couldn’t see anything yet. Creeping forward slowly he tried to see what was ahead. Placing a torch in front of him Steve could see a crowd of Zombies and Skeltons in a pit, running around in a random way, all of them making a noise that would strike fear into any crafter. He turned to leave, then noticed on his right a lever.

“What does this do?” Steve thought to himself, half afraid to flick it down, half daring himself. After a few moment he flicked the switch down a walkway streched out across the pit with the monsters in. It was narrow but passable, stepping out the door behind him closed shut as was trapped.

“Great!” He thought to himself “Now I have to go across!” Carefully Steve walked across the walkway, a few of the skeletons shot arrows at him, he managed to stay on and survived by eating golden apples. After what seemed like an hour he was across. Ahead was a new doorway, it was arched out of marble and gold and was obviously very special. He resisted the urge to mine the fine materials as now his main concern was getting home.

He walked though and ahead of him was a lever with a sign next to it. The sign read: To get home, flick this lever.

“In for a diamond…” Steve though as he flicked it. Out of the floor as if from no-where a villager in white robes appeared from on the diamond platform in front of him. The villager squeaked and moaned to him in a strange language that Steve could just understand.

“Hello” he said “I am Preeta, the high prient of the temple of the lost city of Minos. Thank you for releasing me.”

Steve smiled at him, not sure what to say.

“I need you help, the people of Minos are trapped and need help to be released. An evil crafter trapped them and myself long ago. To release my people is the only way you can get home now – will you help?”

“I will do what I can to help you Preeta.” Steve agreed, feeling like he had no choice. Preeta walked towards the large wall opposite the archway entrance. As he stepped onto a specially engraved stone, the wall opened up in front of them both. Sliding down the wall opened out onto the side of a huge hill and there in front of him was a huge city made from marble with gold and diamond lining the roads.

“The must be the lost city of Minos!” Steve thought to himself.

©Simon Farnell 2016

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Minectaft Creations – Futuristic House

For this i wanted to see if i could use the cart track as a lift. Alas the tracks wont oay vertically… But, i mde this house from quartz and glass and i love the profile and views it gives.

The shaft goes through the hill the the bottom, im not sure where to take it next, i might carve out the hill… Not sure. Let me know what you guys think.






Simon 🙂

Minecraft Steve and the Phamtom Presence #Blogbattle #Fantasy

It’s blog battle time again. The weekly battle of the blog run by Rachael Ritchey . This weeks word is ‘Bottle’ and we’re returing to Minecraft Steve again this week. Thisis manly becasue I can create a fairly short story with this format, eveything else I seem to have done is a short story of something huge… SMH. I hope you enjoy!


  1. 1000 words max
  2. fictional tale (or true if you really want)
  3. PG (no more than PG-13) Content – let’s keep this family friendly!
  4. Your story must contain the word(s) from the theme and/or be centered around the theme in a way that shows it is clearly related
  5. Go for the entertainment value!
  6. State the Genre of your story at the top of your post.
  7. Post your story on Tuesday, by 11:59 PM PST
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  9. Have fun!

Steve watched from his small island house as a number of monsters floated around in the sea, slowly making their way towards the island in their random way. Bobbin up and down and groaning like the monsters they were. He thought he was free of this. He had already lost one house and his iron Golums. Steve had a plan though, he was going to go out when it was dark and see where they were all coming from.

The best part of his plan is that with all the weird things coming to him, they had left same nasty but useful things behind. With these he was able to make some potions, including a few bottles of invisibility potion. Making this had been difficult and fermenting a spiders eyeball had been the worst part of it. Yuk!

Steve waited for night to fall and took with him his diamond armour, sword, bow and arrows and of course the bottles of invisibility potion. Getting into his boat he rowed across the sea to the main island. He got out some way from where his house used to be. Not far away he could see the monsters emerging, making sure he took his armour off so he couldn’t be seen he drank a bottle of potion and keeping his diamond sword hidden too but close he made his way to through the monsters toward his house.

Passing by with creepers and zombie pigmen all around him he was surprised to see it intact. Sure the walls he had left had holes in, but a wayward creeper hadn’t yet blown up the house. This was odd he thought. Taking a look though the door he noticed as he got closer there were arrows in the wall. These were not his and his trap had been disassembled. There were things in the chest and other things had been moved. Without maving anything he crapt out and shut the door as he found it and walked deeper into the woods.

Working his way though the monsters he soon discovered more arrows, not many – but enough. Who’s arrows were they? Then he saw that a spawner had been laid and from it was coming all the different monsters you could imagine. These could only be destroyed by the person that laid them, he wanted to know who this was. So finding a high point from where he could see he waited… A cooked pork chop kept hunger away while he waited and another bottle of potion kept him invisible.

He was soon tired of waiting and was about to give up when someone passed through. They were wearing iron armour and had a creeper mask on. They stopped briefly to kill off a few monsters, then made their way back towards the house. Steve started after them, running as fast as he could he didn’t notice his invisibility potion wearing off. He reached the person just as they were walking through the gates, they turned and jumped as he stood there before them. Letting out a yelp!

“Ahhh! It’s you!” They shrieked.

“Yes, I think you need to tell me what’s been going on!” Steve told them. He was angry and wanted to know who this was and why they were making his life horrible.

“Let’s go in” They said. Steve followed and looked at them as they pulled the creeper mask off.

“I’m Mike he said, hanging his haed. I’m sorry I scared you off with all the monsters, but I liked your house so much and I didn’t think you would share!” Mike explained sadly “I’m new to crafting and I’m not as good as you Steve. I’m sorry – I should go shouldn’t I?”

Mike made his way to the door, knowing that Steve’s diamond sword would be no match for his iron armour.

“Wait” Said Steve “You want to learn crafting?” Mike nodded

“I’ll teach you if you like” Miked looked up – surprised by this “I’ll show you where the best places to find things, I’ll even share with you some of what I have to get you started and I’m sure in no time you’ll be building a house better than this.”

” I don’t think so. But why would you do this?”

“It’s really quiet and lonely on my own Mike and having someone about to talk to would be great. Besides, we can have better adventures with two of us” Mike smiled and Steve was happy to finally have some company apart from the monsters. That night they both sat by the wood fire, eating the bread and pork chops, finished off with cake. Tomorrow was going to be the start of newer and better adventures. Before they went to bed Steve asked Mike

“What did you do with my iron golums?” Mike suddenly went red

“I buried them in a cave under the house, I was going to get them out tomorrow.” Steve laughed…

“You’ll be a great cafter Mike”.

Copyright 2015 Simon Farnell

No ownership claimed to images

Minecraft Steve and the Island of Pumpkins #Blogbattle #fantasy

Once again I delve into battle for Rachael Ritchey’s blog battle. This week the word is shenanigans which was a bit hard for me, but here goes.


  1. 1000 words max
  2. fictional tale (or true if you really want)
  3. PG (no more than PG-13) Content – let’s keep this family friendly!
  4. Your story must contain the word(s) from the theme and/or be centered around the theme in a way that shows it is clearly related
  5. Go for the entertainment value!
  6. State the Genre of your story at the top of your post.
  7. Post your story on Tuesday, by 11:59 PM PST
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  9. Have fun!

It had been a while since Steve had found the Ender Dragon in the cave and he had mainly stayed at home and organised all the things he had collected from the cave. Some of it had been put to very good use. The problem now was that he needed to protect his house better.  Fences and walls weren’t doing the trick as creepers kept exploding and making holes in them, the the zombie would come along and pull doors off the house. These shenanigans were getting tiresome and wasted all the things he collected. What he needed were some Iron Golums to help. He had tried to grow some pumpkins to finish them but again… the creepers would blow them up.


Steve thought about what he could do. Then he had an idea. Not far out to sea there was a small island where he could grow the pumpkins safely, then bring them back and finish his Iron Golums. He reckoned he only needed four or five Golums, if he kept them within some walls then they would stay and protect the house and not wander off.

“Brilliant” he thought. In no time he had put his crafting table to use and made two rowing boats (you needed to make sure that you had a spare one). He collected some golden apples, his diamond sword (one of many now) and his bow and arrows and set off to the sea.

In no time he reached the sea and started rowing across the water. The island was deserted and had lots of grassy area which would be good for planting and grwoing. It didn’t take long for him to make a planter and plant the seeds. With nothing more he could do he put a fence around the pumpkins with a gate and set off back home. For a few more days he would need to guard his house himself. When he got home Steve made some treches around the house to re-direct anyunwanted monsters from his house. This kind of worked, but again, the creepers seemed very good at making craters in the ground so he had to rebuild them. After a few more days passed Steve once again set off for the Island.

When he got there he found that his pumpkins had grown, some of his seeds had been Melons too, he wasn’t sure how this was put picked them all then planted some more before setting off back to make his defences. He built an outside wall made of wood blocks and within this made two more walls, with a fence around his home that was nice to look at. The walls were some distance from the house and there he made a cross of four iron blocks, he did this four times and built some steop to the top of each one. There he placed the final part – the pumpkins!

As he placed the pumpkin on each one the figure came to life, looked at him briefly and then wandered about in it’s own random fashion within the walls he had made.

“Ha! Get past my Golums now creepers!” he said to himself as the five of them wandered about and stood guard. A trench around the outer wall meant that nothing should get close. As it got dark Steve went into his house, had a few golden apples and a roast chicken for dinner and went to sleep.

In the morning he woke up and look outside. He couldn’t believe it! The walls were unharmed, but…

“Where are my Iron Golums?” He said aloud to himself.

The gates were closed and the walls were intact. They must have climbed over the walls to live a free life.  This wasn’t Steve day. In a momnet he decided that maybe Island living was for him, so he started packing his things to and find an island to live on. He left the house intact, but as he rowed off, he chuckled to himself as he had left dynamite traps all over the house and left the doors open.

“Let the creepers take it he thought”

Copyright Simon Farnell 2015

No ownership claimed on pictures – all found on google.

The Monster in the Mountain #Blogbattle #Fantasy

This is my entry for this weeks blogbattle run every week by my good friend Rachael Ritchey. This week’s word is Cave. Go and look up the blog battle section in Rachaels blog for rules and how to join in. If you are thinking about joining in, you should, there’s no pressure and it’s great fun!

Steve walked up to the cave in that curious way that crafters  do. Jumping and running, making sure to not touch the ground for too long as you never knew what was there. Steve approached the cave, he had seen it the day before just before night fell and decided to return to it the next day. Steve drew his diamond sword and made sure his bow was easy to get to. Creepers, zombies and all kinds of monsters liked to hang around in caves and he needed to get in there to find out what he could mine. coal, iron and diamonds were always needed and caves were the best place  to find them.

As he walked into the entrance he noticed and broken and weather worn sign, what it said he couldn’t read any of the words. with caution Steve entered and after a little way the darkness submitted to dim torch light and the dim glow emitted by a small lava flow. He found a number of blocks of coal and picked up his iron axe to dig it out. After collecting a few pieces of coal and cobblestone some more coal revealed itself and then some iron. This was turning out to be a good cave. Just then he froze, the low moan of a zombie could be heard and he looked up to find one walking towards him. He picked up his diamond sword again and charged towards him. A few swipes of his sword and the zombie was soon gone.

As Steve picked up his iron axe to begin mining again he heard something else. He wasn’t sure where from. Looking around he couldn’t find out where this noise was but he thought it was below him. finding what looked like a blocked passage he descended it, finding a few goodies on the way like the odd bit of gold or iron he dug down. He was definitely getting closer, the noise was getting louder and louder. Then the last blocks shattered and he stood there, stunned by what he saw. He had found a huge chamber with coal and iron and gold all over the walls and floor, lava pools lit the cave and made it look creepy. In the middle of the chamber was a huge Ender Dragon, sitting on top of a huge pile of gold ingots and diamonds.

Steve didn’t think the Ender Dragon had seen him yet. It seemed to be resting now… it didn’t seem to happy, or active as Steve approached it, bow at the ready and golden apples close at hand to help him heal if this turned into a fight.

“I know you’re there Steve – I can sense you” he heard a woman’s voice say in his head as clear as he might hear it with his ears.

“I’ve been waiting for someone to release me for a long time now. Will you release me? In return you can have all that this cave can give.”

“Err… yes…” Steve said aloud, unsure if he was meant to talk or think. “I will help you… but how? I don’t have the materials I need to make a portal”

“You don’t need to” The woman’s voice echoed in his head again “Take your axe and dig out around the raised area at the end of the chamber – it hides a portal”

“If I do this, will you promise not to hurt me?”

“I promise, I just want to get out of this cave and back to my kingdom in the Ender World.”

Steve walked over to the raised area, his pick axe ready to dig out the portal. He kept his weapons close and made sure he watched the Dragon as he dug. Sure enough he found a portal and dug and dug until it was completely uncovered. When the last stone was mined the Dragon grinned, flapped it’s wings and rose into the air.

“Thank you Steve. Today I will spare you, but if you venture into my world then you will not be as lucky again – Goodbye”

With a roar the Dragon dove into the portal and was gone in a flash. Steve looked round, as quickly as he could he collected all the coal, iron ore, diamonds and other useful things as he could. he threw away the cobblestone as he didn’t have room for that as well. But he kept some so he could seal the cave again. Steve left the portal open, he wasn’t sure why, maybe one day it would be useful, but if he ever ventured there again he was prepared to find any kind of horror from the Ender World waiting within.

With a hop and skip he left the cave, with all the riches he could dream of to fill his chests and furnace. Maybe one day he would return to the cave, maybe one day he would dare to enter the portal. Maybe… for now he had lots to things to craft and food to find and creepers t avoid.

Copyright 2015 Simon Farnell

No ownership claimed to images – Images found on Google.

Minecraft Steve’s Long Dark Walk #BlogBattle #Writers


“Great – I’m back where I started” thought Steve. It was night and he had spawned back into the Forest where he started. Looking around he tried to work out which way to go to get back to the house. Turning left he hurried through the trees, keeping a watch out for any of the monsters that come out at night. The groan of a zombie had him worried that he might be caught sooner than he expected, but seeing nothing he kept going. On and on through countless trees he ran. His thoughts turned back to how he ended up here. He had found a good seam of Iron Ore as the darkness has started setting in, foolishly he had kept mining then on the way back fallen from a cliff running from a creeper.

“Is it my Imagination” he thought to himself “I’m sure the trees didn’t go this far last time.” The trees began thinning “any moment now there should be the sea” Steve said quietly under his breath. It was then that his worst fear was realised – he had gone the wrong way and had reached the desert. Looking out onto the plain before him a large group of monsters, everything from creepers to zombie pigmen were strutting about the place.

“It’s a good thing I don’t have to go across this” He said to himself. Steve was annoyed that he hadn’t realised sooner that he had been going the wrong way, now he had a far greater distance to cover. Turning around and making fast tracks back the other way. Two zombies had spotted him and made their sombre walk towards him, but they they were too slow to keep up. Rushing back the way he come he swerved as he came across something living, this time it was only a cow. He had now reached the place where he had spawned, without stopping he passed the site as two spiders jumped out of the dark. With a sharp chomp one of them bit him, his health dropped to half, but he didn’t stop.


He started recognizing where he was now, there was the signs were he had been mining only the day before. Looking ahead he could see the lights of his torches glowing around his house, feeling elated and that he might actually make it, Steve slowed as he approached the house. Looking through the thinning trees he could see the sea and the dark shapes that were squid jumping about in their random pattern. Finally he caught a glimpse of the house and his heart sank. There was a group of monsters outside the house, a skeleton a zombie and a few zombie pigmen. Steve was going to have to get past them to get to his house and food which he needed desperately now as he was hungry and his health was very low.

Making a run for it, Steve ran out of the trees. Running past the skeleton and narrowly missing his arrow, both the zombie and the zombie pigmen groaned and started walking towards him. The door to the house, was getting closer and closer. He was nearly there when he could see it was wide open, realising he must have left it open before he went off the day before. “Good” thought Steve “I don’t need to open the door” in Steve bolted, turning sharply he closed the door as the monsters gathered outside. Steve allowed himself a smile as he poked fun at the monsters, now not able to harm him. He turned around and there before him, oh no! Creeper!