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The Problem Perspective

I’m giving some of my old posts some new life, looking back I’m copying and where needs be re-touching some of my old posts. It’s going to be interesting to see where I was at then and what I wrote:   The world we live in is large, amazing, terrifying and wonderful. We are so... Continue Reading →

Innovating your life

I'm giving some of my old posts some new life, looking back I'm copying and where needs be re-touching some of my old posts. It's going to be interesting to see where I was at then and what I wrote:   Innovating in our lives can make life interesting and maybe change it for the better.... Continue Reading →

What is a father?

Being the topical kind of guy I am, I was thinking this morning about what a father is so I put my thoughts into this post. A father is someone who has photo's where their money used to be  - unknown This is a quote I saw years ago and to me it's perhaps the... Continue Reading →

How big are the problems in your life?

Often the trials and problems of life seem huge A great wall separates us from happiness and fulfilment But look at this picture, go on - look. How big are your problems now? Can they not be solved? Can a way be found? I'll bet on it there is a way. Simon 😀

Jumping on a Hate Bandwagon

How may people reading this have been the subject of bullying or intimdation, not just by one person, but a number of people? I can imagine quite a few. The thing with it is though, why oh why is it that when one person decided to hate, that a whole load of other jump on... Continue Reading →

Big Rocks

I posted this maybe nearly two years ago as I struggled with a great deal of life and bad things. While I'm in a different place now, it's important to remaber this and I wanted to share it with you all again.   Dr. Stephen R. Covey, First Things First One day this expert was... Continue Reading →

Part of my Ethos

I hear this at work sometimes... not often but i makes me seeth "We're always done it this way!" What a stupid thing to say, a mindless copout. If we followed this principle we would be perhaps living in caves, because hey - why change it? Or getting about on horses, you know they get... Continue Reading →

It’s my Birthday!!!

I've been kind of planning a blog part for my birthday for months now. I'm not sure it's going to work out in reality how my mind thinks but hey - I'm always up for a laugh! The first thing we need for a part is food, so here's a few things I've made this... Continue Reading →

The Scale of our Problems

If like mot other people every day you face a mountain of problems, bills, responsibilities, stress, strife... (yeah it goes on) have a look at these: The scale of earth to the other planets in the solar system... The scale of the planets to the sun...   The scale of the sun to some of... Continue Reading →


  I've been thinking about perspectives. Not the drawing perpectives but more about how we percieve and process what's around us. What kicked this off is discussing with a fellow bloggie (who I've now forgotten who they were - bad me and bad agin mind) about getting flashes into the future. The way it works... Continue Reading →

How Silence Can Help

Hi All, On LinkedIn today I read this artivle from Christina Mayer spends 60 second of every day in silence and this helps her with stress, happiness, perspective etc... I hope she doesn't mind me sharing it - find it here and have a read, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't find this useful:... Continue Reading →

3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

Thank you Rachel Ritchey for nominating me, it's appreciated. Being the type of person to take up a challenge I thought I would take part. Today's quotes are more motivational, I think they speak volumes about not giving up and staying positive. I love this quote from Winston Churchill, it reminds us that even in... Continue Reading →

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