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My son

2012-05-20 17.13.03


My youngest son is 8, (nearly 9) he’s bright, can solve problems in an amazing way, he’s brave and isn’t afraid to speak out, he’s naughty too (nobody’s perfect). I admire him… I think he is what I would like to have been when I was 8. He has courage and an enthusiasm I never had at his age. This isn’t just fatherly love, its fatherly inspiration.

This determined nature also means he’s a challenge to keep on the right path, often veering straight off. I feel for him too, because he ‘veer’s off’ and doesn’t understand why this is a problem. Because of this he is frequently a pain in the neck… but no matter what he does, I can’t stop loving him.

I wonder what he will be like when he’s older. It doesn’t matter in many ways but I wonder… I know that if he can focus a fraction of his energies on making his life happy and successful he will be epic! That is all I hope for him.

Simon šŸ™‚