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The Days End

The day is over.

Red skies herald the days end.

As birds find sleep bats flutter against the orange and red hues.

Coolness touches as calmness descends.

The day has ended…

Soon a new day will dawn.

Simon 😊


Monday Motivations – Mechanoid Christmas

Esther is always typically seasonal in her Monday Motivations writing prompts, so this week The theme is Christmas Eve. As I write this I have no idea what to write… So this is going to come as it flows:

Mechanoid Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas… Dave started. Then stopped. It seemed that a mechanoid had a few issues with Christmas.

“Why is it twas the night before Christmas sir?” Dave asked McKinley.

“Because it just is, it’s old talk and sounds good, now just tell us the story!” McKinley told Dave.

“Twas the night before Christmas and the five mechanoids were charging their sub systems with…”


“Why sir?”

“It’s too technical, I’m bored already! They only need to be sleeping!” McKinley instructed Dave,sitting back in his seat with his feet on the console. Seanna walked in behind him, she slid her arms round McKinley and kissed his cheek.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m trying to get Dave to be creative. I have asked him to recite a night before Christmas story with him and his mechanoids in it.”

“Is it working?” Seanna smiled.


“No? How come?”

“He keeps being mechanoidie and making things too technical”

“That’s who he is surely?” Asked Seanna.

“Don’t you start Seanna, let me give this a go! Now from the top Dave!”

“Twas the night before Christmas and the mechanics were in sleep mode. All noise was below 40 decibels and their foot receptacles hun up by the heat exchanger unit…”

Seanna laughed… “What is this?”

“Still will you?” Protested McKinley “this is the closest I’ve got!”

Seanna tried to stop laughing but couldn’t.

“Can I ask you about Christmas sir?” Dave asked.

“Sure” McKinley replied. Seanna had calmed down a bit at this point.

“Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, a figure from Christian religion.”

“Yesss” McKinley agreed.

“Yet it is not held on his actual date of birth, but instead at a time of year celebrated by other beliefs near to the Winter solstice on Earth.”

“Ok…. What’s your point?”

“I’m confused. Why do humans celebrate Christmas then? It seems to be irrelevant.”

McKinley looked over at Seanna who looked at him and shrugged. “It seems like a good thing to do!” Was McKinley’s answer.

The mechanoid looked at him and made a beep that seemed like some kind of robotic acceptance.

“Now, start again. You be quiet this time Seanna!”

Dave started again “Twas the night before Christmas and the mechanics were in sleep mode. All noise was below 40 decibels and their foot receptacles hun up by the heat exchanger unit. Unit 3586C stirred when a motive force was detected coming from the heat exchanger. He saw a human with long white busy facial hair and a red suit emerge. His diodes froze with fight…”

Seanna burst out laughing…. McKinley wasn’t going to get his mechanoid Christmas story at this rate!

Simon 😀

Monday Motivations – Flashback

Esther’s theme for his weeks Monday Motivations is flashbacks and this gave me a world off opportunities… But I found it had to pick a good one. This is what I came up with:


Sitting on the beach on a warm Autumn day, the sun setting with hues of purple, orange and red. The day dying as the year too draws to it’s own end.

With eyes closed thoughts wash over him like waves on the beach.

Thoughts of years past, of people, places things that until now we’re long forgotten.

Images vivid in his mind, some bringing a smile, others a tear.

Lost in the sea thoughts he realised that some were flashbacks to times long ago, others were flash forwards, dreams of a life maybe to come. Despite his years he knew that as long as he could dream he could still live and gather more images, more flashbacks to re-live. 

Simon 😀

Monday Motivation – Eternal Darkness

Esther’s Monday motivation theme this week was darkness and this is the story I came up with:

Eternal Darkness

We had just left the wormhole that brought us here for a brief time we were in normal space. There it was before us. Our destiny, a circle of  blackness, darkness like I had never see before. Even the glowing gasses that shone brightly as it was being annihilated couldn’t light it up. This black hole named Goliath for our mission sucked matter, light, time, energy into its immensity and destroyed it was a sight that I could see but not even start to comprehend. They say when you look into the abyss the abyss looks into you but here there was nothing looking back. The darkness before us was something that I could never imagine in my worst nightmares.

Our mission was to find the other end of eternity, we were going to sit in orbit of this black hole, just outside its event horizon and wait for it to come. There was no obvious way of going back, it was humanity’s last chance to make its stamp in time and we had volunteered for it. 

I felt the manoeuvring engines guiding our vessel, the Chronos towards Goliath. The blackness filled the viewer gradually until nothing else could be seen.Despite the immensity of what we were witnessing, no one spoke. The first and perhaps the last humans to ever see a black hole. 

The operations manager looked around and announced “We’re in orbit around Goliath” His tone was a mix of  dark certainty and achievement “The gravity shield is in place and working perfectly. We should be able to maintain this orbit for as long as wee need to.” 

“How far are we from the even horizon?” I asked.

“One million, four hundred thousand kilometres. As close as we dare.” He replied.

I was in command of the mission to discover the end of the universe and of time. This is my story.
Simon 🙂


Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 5

Steve watched eagerly as Preeta entered the courtyard of the light temple Somehow and he wasn’t sure how but the monsters were not aware of him. Slowly he made his way forward until he reached the centre of the courtyard. Preeta stood there, he held out hs staff and mumbled some words, the monsters instantly turned and looked at him. Striking the ground with his staff Preeta yelled out.

“Now be gone!”

A flash of light radiated out from where the staff struck the ground. For a moment Steve was blinded, when his vision cleared he couldn’t believe it! The monsters were gone! Rushing down Steve went to join Preeta. Seeing Steve approaching Preeta shouted out “hurry crafter, the monsters will still keep arriving from these… Things” Preeta was pointing the the spawners. Sure enough in no time zombies and other monsters were appearing again.

Steve had to think of a way to destroy the spawners. It was then that it hit him. Lashing out at the monsters he took them down. Hurriedly he turned, setting down a crafting table he used the explosive he had collected from the killed creepers and in not time he had three blocks of dynamite.

Fighting his way forward again Steve for fight up to the spawners and placed the blocks of dynamite. Lighting them he turned to Preeta “Run Preeta! Head for the door!”

The two of them ran as fast as they could, reaching the door just as the explosion hit Preeta hid himself from the blast. Steve was blown out of the doorway, yelling as he hit the floor. The blast soon subsided and Preeta made his way over to Steve.

“Crafter – are you alright?”

“Yes… I’m fine!” Steve coughed and spluttered “Just give me a moment – I’m ok!”

Turning around to see his hang work Steve exclaimed “That’s how you do it!”

“Nicely done crafter!”

The light from the day had almost gone and it was getting dark. The two of them walked towards the door to the inner chambers of the light temple.

“Once we are inside we will not have to worry about monsters young crafter!” Steve handed Preeta the key, taking it Preeta pushed it firmly into the lock and turned. The mechanism seemed heavy, but not stiff or sticky as a rusted lock might be. Pushing the door, the light dazzled Steve. Like morning sun on a summer day the light streamed from the door.

“Let’s go in shall we crafter?”

“After you Preeta!” Steve replied “I have no idea where or what this is.”

“Have no fear crafter, we are near the end of the journey!”

Following Preeta into the light Steve hoped very much that he was nearing the end of his journey. This whole adventure was something Steve hadn’t expected or wanted. Preeta stopped and motioned to Steve.

Steve couldn’t believe it, in front of him were hundreds, or maybe thousands of people. They were stood like a statue army. “Are these the people of the city?” Steve asked

“Yes crafter, they were imprisioned here. Now we’re here we can set them free, I need your help one last time to set them free”

“Waht do you need?” Steve asked.

Looking at Steve, Preeta grinned “Not much! A crafting table to start with!”

“And next?” Steve asked as he placed a cafting table on the floor

“Your diamond sword!” Preeta saked. Steve wasn’t sure about this. It was his only protection and giving it up would mean any attacker could easily over power him.

“Are you sure about this Preeta?”

“Oh yes!” Preeta replied.

©Simon Farnell 2016

No ownership claimed on images

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Carry me to my purpose

I feel like a ship at low tide.

Marooned. The wind my blow but it cannot take me.

So like thr ship I wait.

Wait for the water to carry me so the wind can push me. 

When this happens my only limits will be where the wind can take me and the water will carry me.

Only on that day, like the ship an i fulfill my purpose, only on that day can I be fulfilled. 

Simon 🙂

© Simon Farnell 2016

No ownership claimed on image.

Inferno – Esthers Monday Motivations 

This week Esther set her Monday Motivations challenge around the words Glasses, Blaze and Madness. This is quite a tricky one to combine but I’ve had a go anyway:


Beep, beep,beep the alarm sounded so distant in Sam’s sleep. Not sure if it was a dream he thought the claxons would stop. 

They didn’t stop, slowly he awoke from his deep sleep, the room dark, the beep, beep of a fire alarm ringing in his ears. His head banging from the heavy drinking session only a few hours before. 

Gathering his senses Sam put on his glasses but still could see anything apart from a faint glow from the door. Hurriedly he pulled on his trousers, falling flat to the floor with a bump as he lost his balance, knocking his already hurting head.

“I don’t need this!” He mumbled as he lay there panting. He pulled his trousers on awkwardly then stood up and made his way to the door. Turning the latch he opened the door and was met with a wall of fire. The blaze roared only feet away from him, but Sam felt no heat.

In a moment of what seemed like madness he stepped into the fire and walked towards the direction of the stairwell. His vision a blur of flickering yellow and orange he took one step at a time until he cleared the inferno. Descending the stairwell he realised he was now naked, his clothed burned off of him. At that instant a black cloth landed next to him.

“Put that on will you?”a soft female voice purred “Your modesty need protecting and I saw enough of that earlier!”

Sam spun round “what? You? Laura?”

“Laura isn’t my name, call me shadow”

Sam pulled on the cloak “what happened?” He asked from under the long black cloak.

“I told you, you have a special ability!”

“I thought you meant…”

“No, not like that, but I have to admit it was pretty good!” Shadow exclaimed “You are an immortal entity and your abilities are only just becoming apparent. The master knows about you and wants to meet you. Will you come?”

Shadow held her and out looking deep into Sam’s eyes, he took his glasses off, black and cracked he threw them down. He looked straight at Shadow and took her hand.

Simon 🙂

Monday motivations -The Goragoth

I’m trying to keep some posts running through here, I always love writing for Esther’s Monday Motivations so while i had chance I thought I would. I hope you’re all well and if you guys want to ping me or whether then you know where I am 😀

I’m missing you all by the way…

The Goragoth

The tunnels under the city of Goratray were dark and forbidding like no other place. It felt like the darkness was a blanket that captivated you, like it could be cut just like the air on a misty day. But that was the point of them, they were used to capture the immortal creature and incarcerate it for all time. But Sophira was down here, dragged by an immense evil and now here he was, Maximilian the king’s best knight and only hope of seeing his daughter again.

Maximilian’s sword was sturdy in his had, ready to strike, his best sense was his hearing, a fire would only give his presence away. Goragoth had to be defeated blind, the only way he could be. Maximilian had just passed what seemed to be a junction of four tunnels and left a huge opening behind. Stopping briefly to hear what he could, It was then….

His skin crawled…

His blood ran stone cold…

He didn’t want to turn around; he knew just what he’d see and he could face anything but that! He had seen him once before and hasn’t realised who he was, now Maximilian knew as from behind his name was growled with bloodthirsty vengence.
I hope you guys like it.

Simon 😀

The Wallet – Esther Monday Motivation

I’m going to try and stay in the word limit for this week’s Esther Newton – Monday Motivation. Thanks as always to Esther for running this, she’s very encouraging.

This week the theme is: If she didn’t stop doing that soon, he was going to kill her.

The Wallet

In life there are moments  you want the Earth to swallow you up. This was happening to my mate Dean.

He wanted to pay for lunch to impress the boss, it was review time and he wanted a raise. So he thought he would pay for lunch. Good move eh? This wasn’t the first time Tania had taken money from him to pay for her shopping without telling him. The guys were staring… they knew something was wrong.

If she didn’t stop doing that soon, he was going to kill her I thought to myself.



Simon  🙂


Writing Prompt – Esther’s Monday Motivations

Esther has really pushed the boat out this week, with three lines to be included in here Monday Motivations challenge:

Write a flash fiction piece of between 50-200 words with the following three lines in it somewhere. The lines don’t have to follow on from one another:

  • The glass smashed to the floor
  • He was in love
  • Just how was he going to get out of this one?

This took me a little while, as I like to be a bit different (as always). This is what I came up with:

The Joy Ride

Mark had just ‘popped out’ to get the food and drink for the party. “People will be arriving in just over an hour!” he mumbled. Still there was nothing to do except pour another beer into his glass.

Greg pushed the door to the garage open and he stood there, stunned. The glass smashed to the floor. “Why hadn’t Mark told him?” Greg thought. The curves, the shape, he was in love – with Mark’s new Lamborghini!


Greg looked around the car, then he saw the keys were in the ignition. A bad thought came over him. Unable to resist he swung the door up and sat in. Greg looked around the car, he liked it, no loved it!

He couldn’t resist and turned the key, the car growled into life. Revving the engine it sounded amazing.

“One little trip round the block won’t hurt!” Greg thought as he closed the door. Slipping the car into gear, the car leapt forward and out of the garage.

“Wow this is lively!” He thought. Lining up the car on the road he pressed down on the accelerator. The car sped forward, then suddenly the back swung out, the car spun until all too suddenly a tree stopped it dead. Shocked and stunned Greg sat there wondering how he was going to get out of this one?

Simon 🙂

(Slightly over 200 words – sue me! 🙂 )