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Circuit Mechanix – December 2016

A re-post of December's Circuit Mechanix:   Welcome to the fourth and last issue of Circuit Mechanix for 2016. In this month’s issue the theme of reliability in electronics is looked at and how this can be addressed at each stage of the PCB design and manufacturing process This issue also has a look at... Continue Reading →

Remembering – Duxford IWM

Duxford Imperial War Museum is one of those places that one cannot help but find interesting. It's able to capture the imagination of people of all ages. I've been gathering together and selecting pictures for this post for a long time. It's huge (and it is damn huge) main hangar houses some of the most iconic aircraft... Continue Reading →

Taking things apart to fix them

These kinds of things have been my friend for many years. For longer than I can remember I've been taking things apart. I've not necessarily fixed them, but it's certainly given me clues to how things go together and work. So when some of the keys on the phone don't work, I have two choices:... Continue Reading →

The Spitfire

I've always love airplanes, as a child my father was showing me what the different WWII aircraft were and the story or history behind the designs. My favourite was of course the beautiful Spitfire. While most aircraft have a military purpose, I've always loved the engineering and the wonder that went into. The Spitfire wasn't... Continue Reading →

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