Creating the Titan

One of the reasons I started creating my own cover art for my own stories is becasue up until now I've taken a lot of other art from off the internet. This often has the result of really annoying people. It also means I'm not using what's really in my head. Because of this and... Continue Reading →


Learn How to Draw a Vision Map to better sell your ideas

via Want to Get Better at Selling Others on Your Ideas? Learn How to Draw a I loved this, saw it and I had to share it! Ayse Birsel shows us all how to use her drawing Alphabet to help us sell visually. He alphabet is here: My vision-drawing alphabet Simple geometric shapes:Ā Circles, squares, rectangles,... Continue Reading →

Good morning chicken

This morning while feeding my chickens this little fella was sat there, all puffed up and looking like he was keeping warm. The view out of the back of the garden was really pretty. Misty, green and with a bright blue sky - why do I have to go to work?!?! Have a great day... Continue Reading →


  Minecraft is brilliant! My son has been playing on Minecraft for sometime now, he's been watching the Stampy Cat YouTube channel and he's really into it. For the first time I can say he's showing a real interest in something. This is causing other problems with homework and the like, but let's gloss over... Continue Reading →

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