Making a Yule Log that’s to die for!

The Yule log was originally a huge (and it must have been huge) log that was selected to burn in a house over the Christmas period. The tradition is that once this log was lit it must not go out until burned up. These days the Yule log is smaller and more edible. If you're... Continue Reading →


Yummy Christmas Pie

With Christmas nearly here and loads of ideas flying about I thought I would repost one of my now well liked traditions - After Christmas pie! A boxing day treat for all is to make a pie from the leftovers. There's two pies I tend to make: The first is a pie with leftover turkey... Continue Reading →

Yummy Christmas Pie

A boxing day treat for all (and a little late now - sorry) is to make pies from the leftovers. I haven't worked the I make, the first is a pie with leftover turkey and gammon, with some white sauce and a few other things (down to personal preference) like mushrooms and stuff in. Make... Continue Reading →

Tuna and Cheese Melt Baguette Slices

The other night it was a case of the munchies - but what to have? My idea was little short of genius, yet simple. Taking slices of baguette I mixed up some Tuna and Mayo and spread this onto the slices. Topped them with cheese and grilled for five minutes (or whatever). The result was,... Continue Reading →

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