Drawing Sci-Fi and finding Imagination

I’ve been very much in a creative lull lately. Since pretty much the beginning of the year I’ve hardly written, drawn, sketched or done any digital art… I needed to rejuvenate my creativeness. So I looked about a bit and I found myself a book on creating Sci-Fi concepts!

Mechanika from Doug Chiang is packed tips methods, tips, examples of how to create weird and wonderful Sci-Fi things, robots and spaceships and creatures are all ni here. The guys has created art works for many a great film like Star Wars and Terminator 2 so I’ve started to delve into it’s pages and use the examples to help me along a bit and maybe inspire my imagination too.

The thing is that I need to go and buy some art supplies, grey markers, triangle, rulers all that kinda jazz. I might have a to wait a little but I’ll get what I need – not that it’s stopping me.

So I’ve stared as one should at the beginning and learning why I need to tools, especially the triangle, so I can get the perspective lines that I need.

Thi is my first attempt at the first example, I’m glad I did it in pencil as I messed up pretty big and realised why I need the triangle. It’s ok though and I’m going to work things out and have another lash at it and the other things.

What I’m hoping to get from this is not just the examples to draw but also what’s needed to create concepts like this, there a few things to bear in mind. It needs to be believable, quick to identify / work out and have personality. I’m hoping I can find a bit of personality for my own work.

Watch this space…

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Icy Moonlit Wolf Scene

Hello everyone, I was going to share this ages ago – I have no idea what got in the way but it did. Anyway I created a howling wolf scene that had been stuck in my head.

You know like sometimes you have something in your mind and you have to create it? Like scratching an itch, that’s what this was like. This wolk was howling to me.

I’m going to see what sketch work I can do while it’s quiet (haha). Is anyone taking on anything new like sketching? If you feel like it give it a go!

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I’ve Been Doing a Bit of Doodling

Hello everyone, as you might have guessed from the title I’ve been doing some doodling. I’ve not been able to dedicate much time to big designs so I’ve been having a play with what I can do in about an hour or less.

These are what I’ve come up with:

This came straight out of my mind, the kind of small spacecraft that might be in my Blog Battle story Blue Siren.

I need to work on this kind of doodle a bit, it didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it.

I quite liked this idea, I might try again at it and see how much better it can be.

I find eyes are hard to draw, so I’ve been learning close up and this was the result. Not bad eh?

What about you guys? Any doodles or little sketches you’ve done recently? Why not show them off?

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Simon’s Sketch Work – The Aston Martin

I have had a little break from the human face and wanted to draw something more mechanical. So I have stored a few pictures for inspiration and I found an Aston Martin to draw. 

One thing I have found with art that is useful is to start with a basic shape and then modify to bring you to the finished shape you want to achieve. I found that useful here.

First I created the lineage:

Once I had this sorted I could work on the hard part – the shading. This is where i find pencil a bit limiting If I was after a perfect shade over a large area it’s hard to get, this is clear in the grille part of the sketch.

But overall I’m quite happy with this, using the pencil and rough lines gives the depth and the illusion of shine to parts of the car.

So I might have a go at a few more cars or mechanical things. What do you think?
More faces to come soon I hope!

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Simon’s Sketch Work – Drawing the Human Face

As my regular bloggies know I’ve been messing about with art work for over a year now and with this I’ve been sketching out ideas and transferring them to digital and doing fun things.

But I’ve also wanted to improve my sketching. So I’ve looked on Youtube on how to draw the human face and I’ve been working on this.



To give you an idea of how I’ve gone about it, you do the following:

  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Draw a line straight down through the circle extending out about two thirds depending on the face shape.
  3. Draw lines across roughly as shown to mark positions for the eyes, nose and mouth. These can vary depending on the face shape, size and proportions.
  4. Draw in oval eyes, then the nose and mouth.
  5. Ears will typically go between the eye and nose lines.
  6. Add eye detail.
  7. Add eyebrows, shading etc…

My first attempt came up with this sad looking face:


So I did another one and came up with this after looking at more Youtube and adding hair etc.


I was a bit worried that this woman looked a bit cross eyed. So I worked some more and got this:


I was thinking I was kind of getting the hang of this, what I found was interesting is the difference between men’s and women’s faces, how can you tell and decide? It’s a bit hard and of course they’re very much the same. Anyway… I digress.



I thought I would move on from this and try drawing a face from a picture, in short it went a bit like this:


Using the method described I drew the shape of the face and the facial features.



Added further detail such as hair, eyes and ears.




Finally finishing with some shading.


It’s not perfect by any means but I think I’m getting better, it seems that to get it right it’s all about getting the shading right.

What do you guys think?

NOTE: Photo screenshot from Instagram of Melissa Riso – no ownership claimed on this photo.

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