Thinking about it makes it Hurt – Shop Clothing

I’m sorry, it’s me – I can’t help it. I’ve tried to keep the insanity from the door of this corner of the web but I can’t do it any longer.

The world in which we live is wonderful, beautiful and terrible thing and yet there’s few – well quite a lot of people actually that seem to want to ruin it for the rest of us. So I’m going to tell you about it. There’s will likely be the odd rude word and definitely a venting of frustration but I’m going to try and take the burrs off with some humour.

Some of you may even enjoy it… but I’m not going to count on it.

I’ve been a bit sneaky with the title here, only so I can attempt to not give the wrong impression. In short as many people in this country do I go shopping and I’m sometimes tempted to nip over the the clothing section and what’s what. See if any of the design on offer are any less pointless or irrelevant so they might have more meaning in which to buy something.

This is often not that case but I digress.

The real issue is what I saw recently when rounding the corner to the men’s clothing section which is a lot smaller than the women’s but that’s another story. What I saw was a packet of men’s underpants, on the the front of this packet and I assume they put this on here to make the product more appealing to the average man in a “This is what you will look like kind of way” was like something out of Greek mythology. This man was an Adonis in every sense of the word and if ever an Adonis needed a cherry on top this product was being modelled covering up what can only be described as a todger of massive proportions.

At this point here you might the thinking “Ah Simon – feeling insecure are we?” The simple answer to this is no not really. What I find totally incredible about this depiction is the product owner feeling the necessity to go to the lengths (no pun intended) to overemphasise the masculinity of this model in order to try and sell these underpants.

I’m under no illusions that I’m not an Adonis – I have no issue with that but fucking hell really? I mean it was ridiculous. It was like he was also modelling their six pack of socks but had them hidden from sight. If you catch my drift.

The thing is, this is not just a men thing, if one was to see the array of women’s undergarment products (which is something I don’t do before anyone get’s funny about this) there’s a similar theme. Athletic goddesses don the front’s of the packaging sporting the kind of bodily measurements that I’m pretty certain are way above or below average.

Comparison is the thief of joy as we know and damn right if 98% of the populous compared themselves to this modelling and to be honest fake looking bullshit they would break down in tears of agony and I wouldn’t blame them. So I have to ask the simple question here – is this really necessary? I personally think it’s got an edge of psychological cruelty to it.

But what do I know? Maybe I’m wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time.

© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2023

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14 thoughts on “Thinking about it makes it Hurt – Shop Clothing

  1. frankly I think the psychologists employed in advertising should be imprisoned … they do this on purpose and wonder why society struggles with body image/eating issues. If they used their talent/profession to helping ppl we’d all be much better off!

    Great topic Si, got us all ranting


  2. It took me 50 years to eventually kind of feel comfortable with my curves and drives me insane when a size 44 models as curvy or when the put a 25 years old to advertise anti wrinkle cream but then I think that while they are sweating at the gym and dine with oven baked fish I m enjoying myself doing yoga followed by a glass of Cabernet and some cheese😉


  3. “Comparison is the thief of joy”–I’d never heard that and it’s so true! I hate packaging–why can’t they just show you what’s inside without all the nonsense designed to make those of us without perfect figures feel bad? The only thing I care about when it comes to undergarments is the luck factor (ie lucky underwear).

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  4. Well, the only thing I can say is that it feels like they do the same thing to women as they do to men. The industry is convinced that making us feel bad is a way to get us to buy their stuff. Trying to attain the perfect body is our quest, and of course buying thier clothes will get us to our goals that much quicker. It’s horrible. It also seems cyclical. We buy, they keep selling. We feel worse about ourselves, we invest in that which will make us perfect. Horrible!

    I’m sorry you had to deal with that. Thanks for the post!

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