Thinking about it makes it Hurt – Valentines Day

I’m sorry, it’s me – I can’t help it. I’ve tried to keep the insanity from the door of this corner of the web but I can’t do it any longer.

The world in which we live is wonderful, beautiful and terrible thing and yet there’s few – well quite a lot of people actually that seem to want to ruin it for the rest of us. So I’m going to tell you about it. There’s will likely be the odd rude word and definitely a venting of frustration but I’m going to try and take the burrs off with some humour.

Some of you may even enjoy it… but I’m not going to count on it.

It was Valentines day yesterday (some days ago as far as this post was concerned – i.e. when it was finally published), I really don’t like Valentines day and this is for numerous reasons. The first is that for some reason we’re only supposed to celebrate the fact that we love some special person on one day of the year out of 365 and the second is that it’s mindless commercial pap which does nothing to swell the hearts of people and does a great deal more to swell the pockets of businesses selling cards and chocolate and flowers and smellies and all of that kind of stuff.

It has this stench of Christmas about it. Now please don’t think I’m some kind of scrooge here and don’t like Christmas but I don’t like, actually no that’s too nice a word. I totally detest the greedy, money making capitalist thing that it’s become. It’s like the money making machine has a hold over us saying, sure be religious and spiritual or whatever about Christmas but you damn well better make sure you get yourself into debt over it or you’re a tight arse!

Valentines has the same smell about it, not as stinky as the big C it has to be said and the build up doesn’t last months. There is though this feeling that the money making machine has come out again for more. Like yeah Christmas was nice but you’re going to need some more of that. Yum!

I think it might be just me – I don’t know but the whole thing seems like some fake, staged thing that we’re meant to go through to appease the big monster becasue Ugh we better had.

Saying that though maybe the problem is me, maybe it’s the accumulating years of hoping that this year might be surprising – oh wow if that’s it then the problem really is me what are the chances of that happening.

Whatever the source of my distaste for V day there’s one think I know for sure – the money making machine doesn’t give a damn. Buy it all for yourself I don’t care, just make sure that when it’s over you have the same sense of financial hangover that you have before Christmas becasue it’s February and whether you like it or not Christmas is nearly hear and I don’t want you to forget it!

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13 thoughts on “Thinking about it makes it Hurt – Valentines Day

  1. I hear ya – I get annoyed at radios playing Christmas music since the end of October. But, I just change the station and am good. Can’t avoid it when you’re at the mall, etc., but I don’t do it often enough to not be able to bear it every now and again. There is a lot of commercialism about Christmas, no doubt about it. However, as a person of faith, I choose to ignore that and focus on what is important to me. Sure, I do buy a gift or two for my close ones (nothing extravagant) and cook/order some delicious food, but I never do it to a point that hurts me financially. What would be the point? I’m trying to keep the magic of Christmas.

    V-Day… annoyed by all the hearts, etc. on January 2nd. But I sigh, vent, and get over it. Showing love definitely shouldn’t just be reserved for once a year, but people have different circumstances, and sometimes it’s good to be reminded to try (for the other person). Now, how that might look for you might be different than for me. I’m absolutely fine with a home-cooked meal and a movie on the sofa. But, if you want to go out, have at it.

    I feel bad for the people who crack under the pressure and let the $$$ companies rule their Holidays. I make them work for me in a way that works for me. I’m much happier that way. Single or not.

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