Thinking about it makes it Hurt – Roads

I’m sorry, it’s me – I can’t help it. I’ve tried to keep the insanity from the door of this corner of the web but I can’t do it any longer.

The world in which we live is wonderful, beautiful and terrible thing and yet there’s few – well quite a lot of people actually that seem to want to ruin it for the rest of us. So I’m going to tell you about it. There’s will likely be the odd rude word and definitely a venting of frustration but I’m going to try and take the burrs off with some humour.

Some of you may even enjoy it… but I’m not going to count on it.

I don’t know about you but I have some thoughts on roads:

1) In an ideal world roads should be smooth.

2) How close the roads are in any country to being the ‘ideal smooth’ depends on how wealthy said country is.

3) The primary use for roads is so that people can go about doing business and making money to make said country more wealthy so that the said roads can be closer to being this ‘ideal smooth’

Based on the three conditions for roads I’ve just laid out -which I don’t think are unreasonable there’s something wrong with Britain’s roads right now. As I live in England I am somewhat assuming that the roads all over Britain are the same. I would assume that the roads in or near prosperous English towns and cities are in fact in a better state that outside as it’s been well known for sometime that the government and councils don’t give a shit about anything outside these prosperous areas.

Photo by S Migaj on

I don’t like this fact, but it’s generally the accepted norm in Britain.

Anyway, back to what’s wrong, based on my three criteria for roads. What you see above you in what I would consider a typical road in Britain however at the moment it’s somewhat different.

Photo by ru00fcveyda on

The road you see above is more like it, the kind of road where the governing body doesn’t have the money to make smooth roads and isn’t bothered about charging the population much becasue they can’t afford to pay for smooth roads.

This isn’t the case in Britain.

So it seems that the governments and councils are taking the somewhat crappy view that yes we will ask you to pay huge amounts of money in taxes, not fix the roads and still ask you to go about earning money for taxes. This seems fair to them I’m sure, however I and many other people in this good country I think will object.

To rub salt into the wound if the Police were to stop and inspect my vehicle they no doubt expect that it is in a proper condition for our roads – which is a joke as I don’t have a tractor and also that I’m still required if needs be to pay the numerous additional charges to use these said roads.

This is seems to me is taking the piss. I might be wrong but I don’t think so.

All these thoughts were in the front of my mind the other day while driving through thick fog to get home. The issue of seeing where I was going so I could rather kindly I thought avoid people, animals and other objects was made worse by the almost virtual dirt track I was force to drive on. As well as the aforementioned obstacles I was having to avoid I was also keenly aware that my car may disappear into one of the many potholes littering the place like a bombed out airfield. I swear some of these are so big that I would find the Titanic at the bottom of one of them.

In addition to this it looks like the last time painted road markings were applied was when I was about 10 years old, so even trying to see where I was supposed to be driving was challenging to say the least. The only thing I can say is that if these roads are the well kept ones where the English take care of them I feel sorry for you guys up north and if there are any roads left in Scotland they must be really shit.

Still, let’s look on the bright side – spring is coming and we’ll all be able to see any impending holes before we disappear down them. At least the search helicopters will have a sporting chance of finding us!

Β© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2023

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25 thoughts on “Thinking about it makes it Hurt – Roads

  1. We have two seasons here in Ontario–winter and road construction. As soon as the weather gets the least bit seasonable, the road crews and the detours start. You’d think with all the work they seem to do, our roads would be better!

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  2. Oh dear, dear and here I thought across the pond the roads would be so much better. But alas, I think that the roads everywhere are in dire need of repair or replacement. in Texas there are places where the roads are so bad, one needs to just drive on the side where the dirt is to avoid serious damage to your vehicle. As is the case in the area where my mother lives, those roads are horrid and they’ve been like that for decades!

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  3. Other than farm paths, we don’t have roads like in the pic. But whenever we went to GB we thought that there was something wrong with the roads… everyone is driving on the wrong side of the street … sorry, that one had to be πŸ˜‚

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