Dear Mr Alien… Respect

Dear Mr Alien,

I do have to ask for your help here, you’ve probably done all of this and know what we’ve got to do but why do we humans make it so difficult for ourselves?

Can you tell us where we’re going wrong?

What is it with us? Why are we always trying to do one over on the other? It’s at every level? From the email trying to convince you that you have a tax return and to ‘click the link’ through to the companies using how our brains work to make us buy their thing, or to buy more and onto the corrupt politician’s wife still taking money from a company who’s dealing with an aggressive nation?

Why is it it that we have to express through, greed or war or corruption out need to get more than we either deserve, work for or simply should have? Out perspective is skewed, looking inwardly at ourselves rather than the outward cosmic perspective that we’re all the crew of spaceship Earth, spinning and hurtling helplessly through the empty cosmos with just us to help each other. All we have is our combined selves to draw on.

We’re still the apes of times so far gone, apes that have learned to read and use tools and use them to take more and more. It’s like the Indian proverb “Money cannot be eaten”

What needs to happen for us to realise what’s under our nose? What wisdom can you give us?

From a citizen of Earth.

© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2023

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