Jupiter and Saturn – Autumn planets

On Tueday Jupiter was at opposition, this means that the Sun, Earth and Jupiter are all in a line and it’s the closest that Jupiter gets to us this year. It also happened to be the closest Jupiter will be for a long time, so I was keen to get out and see what images I could take now I can hook my camera to my telescope.

Gues what? It was rainy and cloudy in the UK.

Roll on a day and Wednesday was a bit more clear, not otally so I got the telescope out, and set it up. The thing is when looking through a telescope it’s often hard to make out details, I could see stripes and other features. I could see some of the moons and was that a spot?

Anyway, once I could see Jupiter I tried to connect the camera, nothing. Not a damn thing. After ten minutes of messing about I realied there was no light getting ot the camrea – the cap for the camera fitting was on.

Slightly embarassing.

Removed that and after a bit of re-adjusting I could get some shots.

Jupiter – Taken by Simon Farnell

For a while Jupiter got obscured and so to me I thought Saturn needed some attention. Turning the scope, the ringed planet honed into view.

Saturn – Taken by Simon Farnell

I took a few pictures of the both of them and then tried some stacking to see if I could make the images any clearer. It had some effect but not a lot as this was only a few shots. I need to work on this and get better, there’s all sorts of things I have to learn and work out.

Taking the lens cap off is one.

© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2022

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16 thoughts on “Jupiter and Saturn – Autumn planets

  1. Nice photos! Really amazing. I was hunting the Moon for a while, especially an eclipse with all the red beauty it has. I had issues with correct set up and zoom capabilities.
    Also, how do you keep up the consistent blogging? Every monday, and all the rest. That is even more amazing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the thing with astonromy and astrophotography you’re at the mercy of the cosmic cycles and especially in the UK the weather.
      I’m not as regualr as I would like to be, I’ve not posted much this last month or two and not weekly.
      To be honest when I am regular I plan out a series of posts and schedule. Thank you 🙂


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