Dear Mr Alien… Division

Dear Mr Alien,

I do have to ask for your help here, you’ve probably done all of this and know what we’ve got to do but why do we humans make it so difficult for ourselves?

Can you tell us where we’re going wrong?

We humans as a race are divided like this and in so many other ways. We’re divided, by priviledge, ethnicity, gender and in so many other ways. In trying to reduce these divisions we end up making more.

All these divisions force us to fight, to work against each other to trip over our own selves in a path that leads it seems to chaos as destruction. Why do we do this Mr Alien? Everywhere I look the division is there and with division comes hatred or fear or both. We end up thinking that these fellow humans that exist on the same ball of rock are our enemies and yet we’re all doing our own thing to try and figure out life and how to get through it.

I swear that you’re out there, you’ve passed over looking for intelligent life and decided that there’s none here. Either that or you look on us as chickes, fighting over spaghetti and having a laugh! I can’t say I blame you, but maybe you could give us a clue?

From a citizen of Earth.

© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2022

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3 thoughts on “Dear Mr Alien… Division

  1. Okay, here’s my pet theory: I suspect if extraterrestrials show up right now, at this moment in our history, they might make our problems worse. Even if the aliens have good intentions, we humans may end up reacting in really horrific ways.

    Some nations would try to cozy up to the aliens, hoping for some strategic advantage. Other nations would try to cast the aliens as enemies. Fingers would be pointed at minority groups who are allegedly conspiring with the alien invaders. Religious fundamentalists would put their own spin on these otherworldly beings, and conspiracy theorists would go around saying: “See? We were right about the U.F.O.s, so you should believe us about this other stuff, too.”

    If any extraterrestrials are watching us right now, they may know that we’d react this way, and they may have decided it’s best to leave us alone for the time being. At least that’s what I think they’d do.


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