The Squirrel Cage Cutter

Back in early spring when food was hard to come by for all our feathered and furry friends the local squirrel (or one of them) was as is usual helping himself to the birsds nuts and it seems they were having some difficulty getting to the nuts inside.

Squirrel on bird feeder – Copyright Simon Farnell

This was evident from the way the wire on the feeder had been bent, I assume by his teeth in order to get an opening so that nutkin could get inside. One day was different however, the feeder was gone, nowhere to be seen. At the time I left it, imaginging he had taken it away so he could get a plasma cutter onto it or something… That started the idea for a bit of a cartoon.

Move ona few months and with a bit of time I created this…

The Squirrel Cage Cutter – Copyright Simon Farnell

I did find the bird feeder – just in case you were curious.

© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2022

FIGEL and the intern

This is my Blog Battle Entry for July 2022 and the prompt is Hatch. Figel and the Intern Figel Narage was one of the most annoying, self righteous and obnoxious individuals to work at the Jacob and Bradley management consultancy. He was also totally incompetent however he had managed through all kind of obnoxious schemes … Continue reading FIGEL and the intern

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