Blog Battle – The Master Interface – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Blog Battle Entry for February 2022 and the prompt is Interface.

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The Master Interface – Part 2

It took so little time, Sam was amazed, the company profits started soaring and Jame’s overconfidence became even more unbearable if that was even possible. Sam’s work was cut at first and then slashed, she had very little to do now and what little company knowledge she has was being sucked from her as James began demanding she surrender it little by little to the Interface. Sam had to admit it to herself, she was starting to panic that it wasn’t working, it was backfiring. Did James work out she had switched the AI’s?

It was when James called a surprise board meeting that Sam really started to panic. What was this about? What would happen now? She had no idea, it was totally out of the blue. As usual the day of the meeting came and she welcomed all six board members, brought coffee and made sure the files were there for them ready. Then James walked in, beaming from ear to ear. That worried her, the only thing that Jimbob beamed about was getting one over on someone. Was it her? Why bring in the board for that?

Sam took her place at the back of the room to take notes and James started. It was all too clear what was going on.

“You know what I’ve really hated about this company?” Jim started, ranting on as he strutted about. “You lot. Having to answer to you, making sure the company is making enough money to pay you all your dividends and all that stuff!”

The board members looked at each other in confusion and at Sam who simply shrugged her shoulders.

“I’ve got a business assistant interface now, I don’t need you lot any more so go on, get out! Get out of my company, I’m not paying you another penny to tell me what I should be doing! While you’re at it take my rubbish bin and put it in the cart on the way out!”

Sam watched helplessly as they all got up and left, one of them dared to cross James and told him he couldn’t do this, he was simply shouted down and in a moment the room was empty, coffee cups and files virtually untouched.

“What are you looking at me for?” He barked at Sam.

Sam said nothing, she just stared. James was undoubtedly losing it.

“I’m calling time on all the people I don’t need, I will have total control and I don’t care who loses.”

“I assume that includes me too?” Sam replied.

“You’ll see!” Once again James strode out.

The next day Sam turned up for work in a sombre mood, she brought a box for her things knowing that this would be the last day of the Aston but there it was. She had tried and seemingly failed. It didn’t makes sense, something had gone wrong. Then she checked her emails, it was to her and it was titled ‘Change of Position’.

Clicking on it she read the first few lines, her hands covered her mouth in shock and amazement. The business assistant had made her CEO, but what about James? There was no sign of James in the company database, he had been removed. Then there was the sound of banging on the door, then shouting. The narrow pane of glass revealed James trying to get in, his access pass no longer worked. Sam had an idea, going to Jame’s office she picked something up and then opened the door pushing James out before he could come in.

“What is going on?” James demanded.

“I am.” Sam told him bluntly. “I’ve taken over thanks to your business interface, I’ve taken over the lot and you’re out!”

“You can’t do that!”

“No – but the interface can!” She replied firmly, she pushed his bin towards him. “Now clean out your rubbish and don’t come back!”

Over the first days of Sam taking over she worked out what the Interface was doing, it had made James put everything into the company even his house. She sold the house to James’s wife for one pound who then promptly kicked him out as he was no longer of any use. Needless to say the company went from strength to strength, the board was brought back the company name was changed in a re-branding exercise after some blue skies thinking.

James ended up working some dead end job for a bad and obnoxious boss and Sam kept her Aston and gave the staff a well deserved pay rise. It’s almost like the universe put thing back as they should be. The Interface as de-commissioned and sits in a storage room collecting dust and in the hope that no one, ever decides to turn the thing back on again. Just becasue it does good once doesn’t mean it will do so again. After all what’s good by one is not so good by another. It’s just good to be on the right side – don’t you think?

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