Think Box: Why has the world gone crazy?

I’ve recently been moved to write some posts on the world as I see it right now, with all it’s craziness and weirdness and maybe a little on the bigger picture? Will it help? Who knows but maybe it will help someone make a little sense of it all and give their sanity some refuge.

Why has this world gone crazy?

I’ve noted recently that in so many conversations I’m having these days the conversation ends with a shaking of the head and a line something along the lines of “crazy world” being muttered as the closing line.

Why has the world gone crazy I ask myself…

Here’s my thoughts on this if you ask me it’s simple – there are about 7 billion people on this ball of rock and many of them are feeling threatened by either:

  • Covid
  • Vaccines
  • Restricted freedoms
  • Government mandates
  • The spilling cost of living
  • Job security
  • Conflict

That’s a big long list of things to be worried about on top of the usual things in life, division, conflict and life being harder. I’m no expert but this is likely to trigger people’s animal survival instincts and the net result is they do things they normally wouldn’t or think in ways they might not usually – usually to guard them against increased threat.

Just a thought… either way helping each other to chill out can only be a good thing I think.

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19 thoughts on “Think Box: Why has the world gone crazy?

  1. I try to keep reminding myself that the world has “gone crazy” before. It wasn’t even that long ago. The world went crazy for a few years following 9/11. The world went crazy during the 1960’s, with the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, Vietnam, race riots, etc, etc. And I can’t imagine the kind of anxiety people had to deal with in the Great Depression/World War II era.

    This is a pretty upsetting and unsettling moment in human history, but I think it’s important to put it in perspective. We’ve been through scary times before. We’ve been through worse times than this. It won’t be fun, but one way or another I’m confident that we’ll get through this.

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  2. So… you ask why has the world gone crazy? I think desensitized suits the state of the world today more so than crazy. I steer away from discussions like this because I am so passionate (emotions are labeled crazy). No worries, Simon. I am not offended, friend.

    But I think we are all disconnected from ourselves, absorbed in another reality. One that is the future. Oh, man… I could go on and on but I feel ultimately we are beyond returning to the old normal. There is a different avenue of life being created and it made its entry in 2020.

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    1. I feel you here and I’m in no way offended. I think in reality we might be seeing the same kind of thing from different perspectives but I have to agree with you, we are all very disconnected.

      Keep well friend 🙂

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  3. The world has been tested even more. Maybe we begin to understand that all those troubles are not caused by external indicators but by an attitude that separated people more than it united them. There would be no climate change (because people would care for this planet). There would be no trouble because of a virus (because people would take care of each other each person’s health). There would be no war (because….)

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