Think Box: Failures in leadership

I’ve recently been moved to write some posts on the world as I see it right now, with all it’s craziness and weirdness and maybe a little on the bigger picture? Will it help? Who knows but maybe it will help someone make a little sense of it all and give their sanity some refuge.

Failures in Leadership

I was informed by my friend and fellow blogger It’s Good to be Crazy Sometimes that within the great walls of the commons in London a political what can only be described as shitshow had taken place. Basically (I will not use his name on this blog) a scruffy haired cock womble had squirmed and wriggled while others on all sides grilled him on his abuse of power over the misuse of rules in late 2020 to have (as it turn out) many parties in government buildings at that time.

Key to this discussion was a report which has been redacted to remove key detail becasue the police don’t want their investigation prejudiced. All of this discussion is going on in the midst of continuing issues affecting either the country or the world in general and where are we at? The whole of government crippled arguing over these parties.

How the hell did we even get here?

There’s no more trust left in the UK people towards those governing them, their crass leadership has failed. This means that in order for us to move on it needs to go – all those who took part need to do the right thing – go so that the country can get on with whoever takes over.

For all our sakes.

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20 thoughts on “Think Box: Failures in leadership

  1. How did we get here?
    Many of us not having our eye on the proverbial ball.
    Vigilance at all time, for the extremists (of any section of society / politics) and their associates the opportunists never rest. Both are able to grab but equally inept at being competent when they have the prize.

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      1. We are in one of those messy times in Democracy, when not voting either out of Apathy or as a Point of View is a potentially dangerous option, for the fanatics or axe-grinders will always vote; The USA is a lesson is progress, and we need to sharpen up and get the ‘Centre Vote’ out. The UK is usually at its best ‘drifting around’ in the Centre with the occasional innovation.

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