Blog Orbit – Blog Date February 2022

Hello there bloggies! Well that’s January over with, even though it feels like we’ve had to go through 365 days of January there have only been 31 days to get through. On the good side here in the UK the days are getting bright and there’s signs that Spring is on the way which means it will soon be summer and it will soon be Christmas again (I know many if not all of you will hate me for that).

What’s been going on here though… a little but not a lot. I think what has I have put up has been pretty neat.

First of all was January’s blog battle story in 2 parts:

Blog Battle – The Reality Bubble Part 1

Blog Battle – The Reality Bubble Part 2

I do this i 2 parts now becasue I think that over 100 words for a post is a bit long… also it means I get 2 posts for 1!

Then in 2 other posts I shared some photo’s… some Moon shots and some January pictures. I’m pretty pleased with all these pictures and how they’ve come out.

I might get some printed and out up on my walls or something. Not sure yet, my walls might get crowded.

I’m looking forward to February and all it might bring and fingers crossed I’ll have more cool stuff to put here.

Keep safe and keep writing, drawing, thinking, creating, and smiling!

Sketching Little Dogs

This latest large sketch work is based on a photo of 2 small dogs laying on a sofa. As you can imagine getting the it to look right is more than just perspective and getting the face look right – there’s loads of fur try and capture the look of. So the line drawing started … Continue reading Sketching Little Dogs

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