Blog Orbit – Blog January 2022

Hello there bloggies! Happy new year ans welcome to 2021 and all that. I hope you all had a great Christmas and you’re looking forward to the new year and all it will bring.

For those of you that follow me regularly you might have noticed that there was no Blog Orbit in December… Yeah well it got to the 2nd and I thought I’ll do that today, then suddendly I blinked and it was Christmas. I think december is a bit like that with everything that goes on.

So here we are. In January.

What can you all expect here from this little space on the internet? Much of the same really… Maybe a bit more. More stories, more musings, more artwork and more general bloggery.

I’m going to create a look back at 2021 post soon – this is more of a hello, how are you all kind post and to warn you about what’s going to come so you can run and hide. What will also be coming soon is my usual Letter to Myself – Open Next Year (2022) I thought I would warn you – just in case anyone feels they might join in.

By the way – I’ve not read it yet.

So what have you all been up to? Have you been good? keeping well?

Keep safe and keep writing, drawing, thinking, creating, and smiling!

Looking back on 2021

When I look back on 2021 I realise that not only did it seem like a year where motivation was low and I struggled to create and come up with idea but also that I’ve done different things and I’ve shown some of them off. Because of this and becasue some of these posts can …

10 Replies to “Blog Orbit – Blog January 2022”

  1. Good letter Simon, filled with Positive and Constructive.
    When Christmas Day falls on a Saturday and thus the number of Public Holidays increase exponentially it can be very easy to confuse which day is which (‘Are you sure it’s Sunday?’…’I’ll check with the computer,’), thus Time appears to be acting odd.
    Oh well, today appears to be a regular Tuesday.
    Another year starts then? 2021 for me was all about finishing my trilogy…done.
    2022…determined to keep abreast as to what other folk are doing on WP.
    Strive on Simon, strive on.


    1. That’s great your remembered the letter… I think it’s always fun to open as I always forget them lol.

      It’s good to know you’re with me on December. Happy new year to you too 🙂

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