Blog Battle – The Conker Singularity – Part 2

This is Part 1 of the Blog Battle Entry for November 2021 and the prompt is Hypnotic.

The Conker Singularity – Part 2

See Part 1 here: The Conker Singularity Part 1

You know what’s it’s like when you wake up from a very deep sleep from a comfy bed and you could sleep for a week? That was Gloria right now, except she wasn’t in bed. Slouched over onto the workbench between the magnetic injection coils and the phase inducers another dribble of saliva dropped slowly to the bench and landed on a piece of half masticated cookie. Then Gloria woke up and with eyes wide open saw the time on the clock on her phone!.

“No! No! No!” Gloria shrieked “Em wake up! We’ve got to get going and arrange the demo!

Em also woke up and exclaimed with words that shall not be repeated, that it was late. The two of them left the smelly laboratory and made their way, well ran like idiots to find the profs and to show off their little piece of ingenuity.

Less than a minute after the door had shut the door opened and some long pink and glittery nails curled around the door followed by some long golden locks and a face that instantly screwed her face up at the smell.

“Oh my God! What have they been doing in here, making a sewer?!” A small can of spray came out of Penny’s bag and she sprayed about the lab. It didn’t help much as one can imagine. Followed by her little group they all screwed up their faces and looking about the lab for some time with the kind of look that the ignorant do they prodded and poked. The young mad, Dane was his name known as a particularly clumsy oik around science equipment he released 2 valves and proudly brought out 2 conkers from his jacket and stuffed them in and closed the valves again. Nodding with approval Penny and the others decided that it was time to leave.

“Oh look!” Dane exclaimed. ” A big red glowing button!”

Penny and the others stared wide eyed and Dane, they wanted to shout for him to stop. Their shouts never came.

“You really are leaving it to the last minute!” Professor Selwyn-Jones exclaimed. Professor Selwn-Jones was tall and thin and with the kind of round spectacles that one couldn’t help feel uncomfortable looking at. He was as his name suggested born with the silver spoon up his, never mind. You get the point. He was not the sort of man that liked to be interested in anyone else. However Gloria and Em had convinced him to observe their experiment and he had agreed but only so that at some point soon they would leave him be and he wouldn’t have to smell them any longer.

Gloria hurried him along. “Yes, yes I know where lab 42 is. I competed my post doctorate down there you know!” Everyone knew about Professor Selwyn-Jone’s post doctorate as he would make sure he told any captive audience whenever he got the chance.

At that point the lights dimmed everywhere. In shock Em stopped and uttered some words that again will not be repeated. Em knew what was going on.

“What is it Em?” Em didn’t reply and just looked wide eyed. The the lights came back on.

Slowly now they made their way to lab 42 with the prof in tow, they gingerly opened the door and peering in no one was to be found. Most the work spaces had been cleared of any and all detritus. The accelerator was whirring noisily but had completed the cycle. Gloria deactivated it and examined the equipment, no sign of anyone. Em looked over the data readouts.

“I can’t believe it, whatever happened it looks like a a singularity was created for less than a billionth of a second!”

“That’s impossible!” The professor protested. “No one has ever…” His voice died as he looked at the data. “My god it’s actually true!”

Em scanned through the video feed, pausing it they all stared in disbelief.

“They look like conkers!” The professor exclaimed.

The next few weeks were a rather mixed affair of ups and downs, well downs maybe. After being nominated for the Nobel Prize for physics some oik found out what dark matter was and the girls got sidelined six students were reported missing and Professor Abdul Sahan Deere decided that being a prof wasn’t his thing and he would be better off landscape gardening. The Superhetrodyne accelerator was a hit with physicists all over the world who wanted collide obscure atoms together and left very happy.

It was about a year after the first run and Gloria was setting up the equipment with Em for some scientists from Australia who thought that smashing gold atoms together might be the key to time travel and something dropped to the floor, something pink and glittery. Gloria held it up and arched an eyebrow as she showed it to Em.

So there it is, a short but harrowing tale really of the dangers of messing about with someone else’s stuff and to keep your fingers to yourself. You might lose more than a pink glittery nail.

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