Science Fiction Concepts – Artificial Intelligence & Enhancing Human Capability

Science fiction stories regularly delve into the realm of robots or computers running humans and their societies and it’s an interesting concept.

In the last post on this AI was briefly introduced and in essence what it does and can mean for the human race. The rest of the posts in the series will look at how id can and does help us – if you like, this is what we can apply it to.

Human understanding is pretty ambiguous at best and it differs between different people and how they understand things. What this means is that you could potentially give the same data to different people and they come up with different conclusions. This makes trying to work out what’s happening pretty frustrating and causes disagreements, some of them heated.

Combining data with math that does the analysing and feeding this into AI can make things work much more smoothly. The language of Al and such systems is maths which is pretty much the language that the universe was built on. So let’s say we can gather data of cars on a motorway, analyse it and feed it into an AI system we can better manage how traffic on that motorways moves. Gone is the need to stand on the brakes becasue the traffic suddenly comes to an abrupt halt, warned to slow down miles back should hopefully mean less accidents and less deaths.

The good thing is that this is happening right now! Smart motorways have been around a little while and are fairly successful, of course it can’t control whether you can get on or not but it can manage what’s put in front if it far better than a bunch of collective drivers on their way home on a Friday afternoon.

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If we look further afield, Elon Musk’s Space X has been using AI in his radially new spacecraft – Using this technology his spacecraft (after a few explosions to test things it has to be said) can take off, deploy their load into orbit and carry out a controlled landing – meaning that most if not all of the spacecraft is able to be reused over and over.

That’s impressive.

Sure humans have done a good job of piloting so far, but humans won’t take us to the Moon or Mars or beyond – computers and artificial intelligence will do this far better with greater accuracy which also means that the human cargo is in a safer place and only needs to take over when needed, which will more than likely be little to never.

Photo by SpaceX on

This is simply the start though, if it can do all this now or in the very near future then what can it do for us in the future? It’s really hard to say where it will go but if it’s able to remember and process better than we can we can expect great things. Human enhancements to overcome injury or disability, robotics that move in a more human way. These are just a couple of the possibilities and some of these aren’t far off with robotics being proposed to replace some human activities in space exploration.

If we look even further could we too be enhanced? Our brains plugged into an artificial helper that can aid how we live our lives? Fiction? Maybe but right now the device that could do that is in your hand, if a way can be found to connect the man to the machine…

It’s interesting and scary.

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4 thoughts on “Science Fiction Concepts – Artificial Intelligence & Enhancing Human Capability

  1. I can visualise how many advancements can be made using AI, but not too sure about the question of interfacing human and artificial intelligence together in even the next two generations of Humanity, we have far too many variables.
    Maybe some day.


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