Hello there bloggies!

How are you doing?? I got in a bit earlier this month – just before the 10th… so getting in before a 3rd of the month is up. It’s been a quiet month with a lot going on and still struggling to get some enthusiasm summoned. Who else is still suffering from this?

Anyways… looking back on September there have been just the mere 2 posts….

One of these posts was Sketching of Virgin’s Galactic Spacecraft where I the subject of my work was the recently launched Virgin Galactic space plane. The funny thing with this sketch is that when I finished it I wasn’t that impressed with it but the more I see it the better I think it looks. I think there’s still some work to do with it though. Maybe that’s a bit of the engineer in me, forever fiddling trying to get it perfect.

Maybe I should stop now.

The Wallagong Beast

I also threw in something of a look back on my did you know… posts as these posts went out there were a number of questions that came from them. Especially about the strawberries… so a little look back gave a few answers to some of the posts… It’s strange how simple facts that if you think about it have always been there can blow the mind.

Looking forward over October there’s going to be a bit more lined up, it’s already in the works and waiting. A new series on AI and some cosmic stories to peek your interest with 100 ways to die in space continuing and I hope some more Philosophical Conundrums and Did you know…

All that and maybe the odd drawing thrown in too? I could be a busy month on here.

Oh also look out for the regular Halloween story…

I hope you all out there keep safe and keep writing, drawing, thinking, creating, and smiling! Let me know how you’re getting on!

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3 thoughts on “Blog Orbit – Blog Date October 2021

  1. That’s a darn good sketch there my friend! And heres a “did you know” for you. I’m only 12 miles away from the Virgin Galactic launch pad here in the US. My new house is on the northeast side of the city and the Virgin Galactic New Mexico headquarters.


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