Philosophical Conundrums – The Expanding Universe

There are thoughts and ideas in life and in theory that leave our mind in a mess and on a Tuesday morning leave us thinking it’s the Wednesday before Christmas. I hope to bring some of these to you and leave you with little to say (maybe) and much to think about.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The The Expanding Universe

It’s a well known and proven fact that the universe is expanding, the story goes it formed after a ‘big bang’ or rapid expansion and now the universe is ever expanding – But what is it expanding into? If it’s expanding into something then what could be on the other side?

A Lens to the Sky

I love skylines, so often a lens doesn’t do them justice but sometimes a wide lens and a moody sky can make a beautiful picture. I wish I could mount some of these at times…Enjoy the views!

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Thinking about it makes it Hurt – The Tax System

I’m sorry, it’s me – I can’t help it. I’ve tried to keep the insanity from the door of this corner of the web but I can’t do it any longer. The world in which we live is wonderful, beautiful and terrible thing and yet there’s few – well quite a lot of people actually…

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A Flavour of Spring

I can’t talk obviously about the rest of the world, but here in the UK Spring has been a bit of a washout but there have been a few times where the Sun and been able to shine onto the beauty of the Spring and I’ve been able to capture a flavour of it.I hope…

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16 thoughts on “Philosophical Conundrums – The Expanding Universe

  1. From what I have read, Cosmologists are obliged to work in a mindset quite different to the day to day, since they are dealing with questions on a topic 14 billion light years old and somewhere between 60 billion to 90 billion light years in ‘width’ (if such a thing exist when dealing with an universe).
    Thus a current line of thought is that the Universe is everything, so it doesn’t expand into anything. In short as it expands it makes its own space- which is pretty smart of it. This is also why Cosmologists and Quantum Physicists use very long black or white boards and fill them up with calculations when explaining anything….to other Cosmologists and Quantum Physicists.
    The same line of thinking works with The Big Bang. ‘Everything was infinitely compact and small’ so there was nothing outside of the initial particle. It just ‘was’.
    Our problem in perceptions being we have brains which work with three dimensions and linear flows of Time and apparently those are only small parts of the whole (Hence ‘String Theory’ etc).
    An’t that just so cool?

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      1. It’s something along the lines of assuming that all of existence is infinite and the universe expands into it, what defines our universe is the presence of matter and laws like physics.
        To travel beyond the universe would be impossible as there would be no laws to be able to make it happen… If you see what I mean.

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      2. I agree fully Simon. It’s a good way of perceiving the possibility.
        Since we are still puzzling out the relatively simple dynamics of, say, neighbours such as Neptune, it’s only correct to consider situations which go beyond our intuitive perceptions.


      1. She said, “I don’t know. No one really knows, if whether it is totally endless (which is unimaginable too) or if there is something behind it.” A mind-blowing question.

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