There are thoughts and ideas in life and in theory that leave our mind in a mess and on a Tuesday morning leave us thinking it’s the Wednesday before Christmas. I hope to bring some of these to you and leave you with little to say (maybe) and much to think about.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The Bootstrap Paradox

So there’s a time traveller, he spends life life going back and forth through time, getting into trouble and having adventures. One thing that this time traveller has is a love of Beethoven and one day he thinks to himself why not go back in time and meet his musical hero?

The time traveller goes back in time and space to Vienna in the early 1800’s but no one has heard of Ludwig Van Beethoven, somehow he simply doesn’t exist. The time traveller wonders what has gone wrong? How could this have happened and what will happen to his beloved music.

What does he do?

The time traveller brought the sheet music for Ludwig to sign, so he copies out the music and he get’s it published – he becomes Beethoven.

My question to you is this: In the context of this story – Who conducted Beethoven’s fifth?

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