Fact, snippets of useless information and all of that kind of thing makes up most of what’s in my brain – so I thought I would infect the general interweb with al of this and see what fact I can trawl for you!


Did you know…

It’s a strange thing to imagine – but Gravity is the weakest known force to us, the other forces of electromagnetism and Nuclear forces are much, much stronger. Yet it’s enough to make me feel much heavier after having too much pudding!

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Comic Cosmos – Water Vapour on Europa

The other day the Hubble space telescope detected water vapour on Jupiter’s moon Europa. In such a cold environment this wast expected. What’s there to learn here, unexpected forces at work or something else?

23 thoughts on “Did you Know… Gravity is the weakest force?

  1. Thanks for the reminder Simon. Cosmology and Quantum- endless fascination.
    Just when I get my head around that up pop ‘The Strong and Weak Interactions’ and I have to go back to basic sources and read, very, very, very slowly. (tongue protruding from corner of mouth and finger moving along under each word-style)

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      1. Especially in this weather.
        I think (or conjecture) that it has something to do with the notion that if we had to rely on gravity to hold our bodies (and other objects) together; they wouldn’t
        (I am now going to either lie down or watch an episode of Dr Who on BBCi)

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      2. I didn’t know that – I do know that in space our bodies don’t like it as they’re meant to have gravity.
        Dr Who will bend you mind a bit…

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    1. Yes that’s true, but if we imagine the strength of a magnet or the strength of nuclear bonds gravity is pretty piddly by comparison 🙂


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