Blog Orbit – Blog Date July 2021

Hello there bloggies!

Hi there… it looks like I’ve left my start of the month post a bit late as now it’s… well there’s no other way of saying it – the middle of the month, well past the middle of the month and nearly the end now. Where has July gone?

I hope you’re keeping good though and wherever you are in the world you’re keeping safe and well…

As for what’s been going on here in Simon’s Space… well… not a lot really. Thi si the first post of this month, there were a few last month, for starters there was my post on Sketching Scarlett

Sketch of Scarlett Johannson

I was really pleased with how this sketch turned out and it’s by far my best portrait to date.

I also felt moved to start creating the odd space cartoon called Comic Cosmos… I started with Comic Cosmos โ€“ Juno Visits Ganymede

I got out a Blog Battle last month with Blog Battle โ€“ The Brian Incident last month, also keep your eyes peeled there should be one after this later today .

Along with that there were a few INteresting fact posts… with this one my favorite: Did you Knowโ€ฆ The water you drink is really old?

I hope you all out there keep safe and keep writing and smiling! Let me know how you’re getting on!

11 Replies to “Blog Orbit – Blog Date July 2021”

      1. If you want you should work on it. I was never as good as I am now when I was younger, I wish I had worked on it more – I didn’t know I could do it.

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      2. I think that’s the right attitude. I’m glad you gave it a try again. But I know, I can do better elsewhere. Not much hope for me in drawing. But thanks for the great advice. ๐Ÿ™‚

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