Did you Know… What a Petarade is?

Fact, snippets of useless information and all of that kind of thing makes up most of what’s in my brain – so I thought I would infect the general interweb with al of this and see what fact I can trawl for you!


Did you know a Perarade is a series of Farts?

This stinks if you ask me!

A Lens to the Sky

I love skylines, so often a lens doesn’t do them justice but sometimes a wide lens and a moody sky can make a beautiful picture. I wish I could mount some of these at times…Enjoy the views!

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Thinking about it makes it Hurt – The Tax System

I’m sorry, it’s me – I can’t help it. I’ve tried to keep the insanity from the door of this corner of the web but I can’t do it any longer. The world in which we live is wonderful, beautiful and terrible thing and yet there’s few – well quite a lot of people actually…

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A Flavour of Spring

I can’t talk obviously about the rest of the world, but here in the UK Spring has been a bit of a washout but there have been a few times where the Sun and been able to shine onto the beauty of the Spring and I’ve been able to capture a flavour of it.I hope…

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23 thoughts on “Did you Know… What a Petarade is?

      1. Yep. And I’ll pass this little gem to my friends. It happens to all of us , almost everyday, and I’m sure no one knows what to call it_____ now they’ll know. @_@ “

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  1. Better a petarade than a shart. (shit = fart) There was an interview, I seem to recall, of a black news anchor and a female interviewer and he was admitting that he sharted his pants one day in the office (perhaps at 30 Rock). They were sharing that to humanize the experience of sharts, and of little accidents that nearly everyone suffers from.

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