Fact, snippets of useless information and all of that kind of thing makes up most of what’s in my brain – so I thought I would infect the general interweb with al of this and see what fact I can trawl for you!


Did you know…

Despite the fact that Britain has few tornadoes, we do hold a kind of tornado record…

Well blow me down!

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13 thoughts on “Did you Know… Britain and Tornadoes

      1. I can remember a few years back (15 or so) taking a phone call from someone in the Birmingham area and they exclaiming (polite version) because of a sudden unexplained strong wind; then hearing on the news that night about a tornado in the city.

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      2. That’s must have been pretty scary. Sometimes it seems there no pattern to where they show up. But then there won’t be, it’s where warm and cold air meet.

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