Hello there bloggies!

What can I say? I’ve been lazy and neglecting my blog… I would like to say it’s been a break but in all honesty it’s been just a mad thing of work and stuff and the month has flown by faster than I would like. Here in the UK it seems we have skipped spring and gone straight into Summer it’s been warm here but not too warm and finally the skies are clear and I might have a first go at some more serious astrophotography… The thing is with that the night skies aren’t dark now, it doesn’t get completely dark this time of year.

I’ll see what happens anyway.

As I didn’t do anything last month there’s not really much I can show you. There’s nothing in fact to be honest.

Well that cleared that up.

This month? Let’s hope that the gods of blogging and the planets align to give me some blog time. Either that or I might sit in the shade and eat an ice cream. I dunno…

I don’t think I know anything anymore. I hope you’re all keeping good. How are you all? What ya been up to?

Here’s a picture from my little library, I took it a few months ago. There’s more in my portfolio if anyone wants to see more. Enjoy!

Developed using darktable

I hope you all out there keep safe and keep writing and smiling!

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16 thoughts on “Blog Orbit – Blog Date June 2021

      1. It’s all about The Balance. The Times Out set in an equilibrium with The Interludes of Creativity.
        Not that, that equilibrium always works.
        Thus We do the best we can, as We can, when We can.
        (And meditate on the Cosmos for inspiration and perspective).
        Keep on keeping on.

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