Space Art – The Clouds of Jupiter

After the fairly successful Horsehead Nebula I dived into a bit of planetary art this time the clouds of Jupiter were the subject. This took a fair bit of time this piece as the colours and patterns had to be shaped and merged and all of that good stuff. I’m quite pleased with this one though as I’ve learned from it – it doesn’t have to be exactly like the reference picture – I’m merely creating an intrerpretation.

Let me know what you think, thumbs up or down

There’s only one with this piece… don’t think I’ve short changed you here!

Β© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2022

2001 – An Art Odyssey

Any of my long time bloggiesw ill know that one of my favourite all time SciFi stories is 2001 A Space Odyssey. For quite some time I’ve been thinking about what piece of work I could do for this. Eventually I chose this one, alshtough I have to say now that I would have done … Continue reading 2001 – An Art Odyssey

A Galaxy of Stars

A few weeks ago the sky was clearer than I’ve seen it for a long time and after seeing the success of someone else taking a picture with my same camrea I thought I would try the same settings and give it a go. The big variable with taking astrophotography pictures is the quality of … Continue reading A Galaxy of Stars

30 thoughts on “Space Art – The Clouds of Jupiter

      1. Into the lockdown, out of the lockdown. I lost the overview on all the lockdowns and reliefs of the countries around us… lol! However, I am glad you can focus on a wider horizon now. Simon.

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  1. Great artwork! I don’t think NASA gets much better views? Well…maybe a little. Did you use a photo as a reference? This planet’s clouds and rings are fascinating in that they don’t all fly in the same direction and some seem to just spin in place like a perpetual tornado. Whatever or whoever created this monster had a weird sense of style, art or was just plain snockered when it happened.

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