Fact, snippets of useless information and all of that kind of thing makes up most of what’s in my brain – so I thought I would infect the general interweb with al of this and see what fact I can trawl for you!


Did you know…

That Uranus sit’s on it’s side relative to the rest of planets? It’s like the whole system of moons, rings and other objects has been pushed over onto its side by some great celestial bowler.

Why this is? We don’t know for sure – but it might have been hit by another object at some point in it’s history.

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7 thoughts on “Did you Know… Uranus sits on it’s side?

  1. I’m tempted to make a butt / anus joke, but it’s just too easy. I like to work for my puns. 😛

    Bad humor aside, you’d think that it’s rotation around the sun would pull it off it’s side.

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    1. That’s something I hadn’t thought of, I guess there’s a reason why not, maybe it’s just that because of inertia it stays where it is… Dunno…


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