All credit lies with NASA – Taken from NASA Tumblr page

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21 thoughts on “Mars Helicopter: 6 Things to know about Ingenuity

  1. I saw some people on Twitter referring to Ingenuity as “Ginny,” which I thought was delightful. I really hope this experiment goes well. Having more little helicopters on Mars would really expand our ability to explore the planet.

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      1. I can see her point and have heard the argument in various forms over the years:
        However the argument does neglect to overlook it is in our inherent nature to explore and also the various advances in science made as unintended spin offs from space exploration.
        And actually there is sufficient wealth on this planet to do both.

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      2. I actually hate this kind of argument, the money spent on space is a fraction of the money spent on defence. But no one says we need to stop looking each other.
        I’m a fan of the message of Greta, however when you’re brought up in a rush family that trots around the world in a fancy yacht that it full to the brim with science equipment it’s easy to go around and tell everyone there doing it wrong.

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      3. I agree with you Simon.
        I do believe for Greta it was the wrong message in the wrong direction.
        You and I are fully aware of the argument that space exploration is vital as Humanity will need another planet to live upon.
        Both Environmentalism and Space Exploration can and should work together, in very broad picture they are one of the same urge, to explore and ‘be better’

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      4. That’s very true, in that sense they are both the same. I mean I think finding another planet is not necessarily the key point though. I think it’s more about understanding our place and fragile existence in the universe and realising that we are part of a balance of nature. We need to exist with our world in a way that doesn’t kill it.

        And also we need to realise that money and power are childish pursuits.

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      5. These are important factors Simon. We do need to appreciate our existence on this planet is conditional and no amount of Economics; Political Systems or Social Media trending is going to make us safe from that.
        If we do survive long enough we will go beyond this world. It is in our Nature; what we make of it, is of course another matter.

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      6. This is very true and thought provoking, it’s been on my mind through this last year the money is now obsolete. It’s just that those in power are clinging to the old ways of existence.

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      7. Quite so Simon.
        Being a theist (Christian) I find it ironic that the secular world places as much faith in the concept of Money and Wealth as a theist does is a deity.
        To be three-dimensional about it a theist cannot prove there is a Supreme Being, it is an act of Faith and discussion (almost impossible with some)and onto the Nature of Creation- quite Quantum really.
        By the same token. All this ‘Wealth’. Can a billionaire display this ‘wealth’ is sums of hard currency? Can a Nation display the sums it has borrowed, spent, etc.
        All down to faith (and when it comes to Government or Corporate finance there’s that ‘Quantum’ word again. )


  2. I enjoyed reading about this. I was not even aware which is horrible but I do not have ‘real’ t.v. and well I am not even sure many are aware where I live. That being said I quite enjoyed learning although for reasons I cannot explain instead of Mars Helicopter I first read it as Mrs Helo Copter. And again at least twice more. I am wondering now if there is meaning. Ah well sorry I am an meandering talking in writing. Have a good day. 🙂

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