Blog Orbit – Blog Date January 2021

Hello there bloggies! Happy new year to you all, I hope you had a good Christmas. Here we are in 2021 and we made it, the shit show of last year is still with us at least here in the UK and I will more than likely be stuck at home for the foreseeable. But there’s lots to be hopeful for the future is bright and we (in the northern hemisphere of this planet at least) can look forward to spring, warmth, brightness, flowers and all of that good stuff.

Long term followers of my blog will know that every year for some years now I post my letter to myself for the year ahead. This post will be coming soon and I find myself thinking about making it more profound, more serious and to set challenges that over the year. I will more than likely forget what was on the letter so it will be interesting to see how I’ve done next year (God / universe willing).
But there was something else about last years letter to myself, I found that for some reason last year’s latter has accumulated more that about 250 views in the last few days. To some of you who get that for each post that probably doesn’t sound like a big thing – BUT for me who tends to get about 30 views a day with 50 for a post as it posts that’s not normal. I have no idea what happened, but it did and it has intrigued me.

This January more than others will be a tough one to get through I think, if anyone is struggling then I hope you can find something to get you through… If anyone does need a chat then please don’t hesitate to say hi.

But was was last month on Simon’s Space like? What happened?

Ummm… Not a lot. But there were a few things….

First up our intrepid space traveller came to yet more grief. Firstly he got sucked out of an airlock in 100 Ways to Die in Space – # 9 Sucked out of an Airlock

He later developed an illness which meant he grew at least two heads after being exposed to radiation:

100 Ways to Die in Space – #10 Radiation

This poor guy… honestly he’s been through the ringer enough already and we have 90 more to go. I wouldn’t want to be in his suit!

Later on I had a bit of go with some art and got out my nice new shaded paper and coloring pencils and created this pretty neat drawing of an old Alfa Romeo which I have to say I’m pretty proud of:
Color Sketching an Alfa Romeo

Much of the end of the month was taken up with cooking, eating turkey and mince pies and that kind of thing, before I knew it January was here and that was a wake up call I can tell you!

Whatever you’re all doing out there wherever you are, keep safe and look after yourselves and those around you. Let me know what you have been up to.

I hope you all out there keep safe and keep writing and smiling!

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4 thoughts on “Blog Orbit – Blog Date January 2021

  1. I actually thought the letter was from this year hahaha and I guess its getting more views because its getting more views and it appears on your top posts, thats actually why I opened only to see it has a 2020 date ha!

    SO 2021 hmm yeah, I dont know lets give it a bit of time but not too impressed


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