100 Ways to Die in Space – # 9 Sucked out of an Airlock

Welcome to 100 Ways to Die in Space

Hi there bloggies, welcome to a new and fun little feature – 100 ways to die in space. Taking inspiration from a million ways to die in the west I’ll be taking a somewhat tongue in cheek at the many and various ways that space is somewhat unkind to the average human being and it pretty effective at killing them very quickly. Step aboard and see what happens, just don’t come on wearing a red top!

Method 9 – Sucked out of an Airlock

An airlock is two or more doors between you the human inhabitant and outer space. This enables someone or something to go into space without sucking all the air out of the room. If somehow all the doors opened – everything escapes.
Try to imagine if you will being a tiny little blob of ice cream in the bottom of a cup and being sucked through a straw to oblivion. That’s what it’s like being sucked out of an airlock.
Kind of.
Everything in the room you’re in (and even the next rooms if the doors aren’t secured) goes flying out of the spacecraft or whatever else you’re in at a thousand miles an hour and you with it. You could try and hang on, but in reality the force is too much and likely to rip your arms off or you’ll pass out from lack of oxygen (hypoxia I think it is for those who know) and let go anyway just as you pass out.

The thing with being sucked out of an airlock is there are safety measures and interlocks to stop this from happening and it really is no accident if this happens. The only two explanations for it are:
1: Cold blooded murder.
2: Blind ignorant stupidity and you have less intellectual capacity than a grape (sorry grapes).

It’s fair to say if you make this mistake you will only make it once. Because you’ll be dead. So fellow space travellers, keep yourselves safe and don’t mess with the airlocks. It’s more than a little bit bad for your health!

© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2023

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