I loved this post so much – I had to re-blog it. Have a look at Sarah’s blog, she’s got great writing ideas, stories and imagination!

One of the things I love best about Science Fiction is the scale of thematic elements that we get to explore. This is true for creators and consumers of SF art. Of course, the best SF still tackles tangible “real life” conflicts. Some of the most common themes in literature are equally represented in Science Fiction:

  • Coming of Age
  • Courage and Perseverance
  • Love
  • Revenge
  • Good vs Evil
  • Redemption

However, the scale of these conflicts is often scaled up in Sci-Fi to encompass the world beyond human experience. What does it mean to fall in love with a machine? Is humanity ultimately good or evil? Will the planet seek revenge for the things we’ve done to it? Is there any way that humanity can redeem itself?

So I’ve collected some quotes about humanity that might inspire your next creative work. Enjoy!

#1 Educated Monsters

The more humans learn, it seems, the…

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14 thoughts on “10 Quotes About Humanity to Inspire the Science Fiction Writer

      1. A.I> or bio-engineering will be the likely death of humanity as it’s inventions spiral out of control. Still, I look around at society lately and can’t help but wonder if AI could do much worse.

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      2. That’s the thing and we’re using AI right now… I’m not saying it’s all good don’t get me wrong. But we’re not doing a great job of running ourselves

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      3. Don’t get me wrong; *IF* A.I. were being developed with safety protocols and unbiased algorithms, something akin to Star Wars droids, it could be a great thing.

        Instead we have scientists playing god and seeing how far they can push and twist envelopes. The Norman AI project is a shining example; a deliberate attempt to create a psychotic AI, rationalized via it will help us understand human insanity. You know, because emotions don’t factor into emotional breakdowns, humans make ALL decisions based on rational logic like machines, are never subject to chemical imbalances like machines, etc…

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      4. Over never heard about this Norman this is interesting… So any AI or robot has to follow them three Asimov laws of robotics. If this is to be believed then it should be impossible to for a machine to harm a human.

        So for these guys playing with Norman maybe what they’re doing is seeing if and how easily the Asimov laws can be broken and also can the human psychopath thing be created in an AI.

        Like you say human emotions play a part in all of this so it seems like it’s unlikely but maybe what they’re doing is seeing if it can be accomplished. I’m not saying this is a good idea mind it’s pretty idiotic and I hope they have interlocks built in. But if we want to avoid making a HAL I guess we need to skew things and see if it’s even possible. Maybe?

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      5. I think ideas of AI out of control and destroying humanity is the stuff of Hollywood films and fiction. People wouldn’t be advancing these technologies if they didn’t think they had a practical advantage. Personally I think AI could be really beneficial to our society if it’s used right.

        Scientists are people. They have families and dreams for the future just like we all do.

        “The more humans learn, the more of their humanity they forget” ??? Really? Education can be quite humbling because as you learn more, you also identify there’s more knowledge out there you don’t know. It’s the usually the ignorant that think they know everything. The educated come to realise how little they know about the world, aside from their own chosen field maybe.

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