Blog Orbit – Blog Date November 2020

Hi there bloggies, I don’t know what to say. Even as this year draws to a close it comes up with more crap. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not surprised at all that the UK is going back into lockdown it’s just that it feels very dejavu and this time there’s not the warm sun and blue skies to warm our hearts. But Boris has said come Spring it will all be ok – he must know what he’s doing that man (please don’t take that last comment seriously lol).

But the good thing is last month there was more than a few posts from me. As it was Inktober there were more than a few drawings flying about and I’ll list a few of the good ones here:

Inktober 2020 – Day 20 Sleep
Inktober 2020 – Day 20 Chef
Inktober 2020 – Day 15 Outpost

Also in the past month there’s been more going on in the 100 ways to die in space series including:

100 Ways to Die in Space – # 5 Low Air Pressure
100 Ways to Die in Space – # 6 High Atmospheric Pressure
100 Ways to Die in Space – # 7 Collisions

I’m quite pleased with this series as every last like bit of every post is my own work – the cartoon the lot. So if you’ve not seen them before do have a look. I know it’s a bit macabre and not to everyone’s taste but hopefully it’s giving some small amusement.

Whatever you’re all doing out there wherever you are, keep safe and look after yourselves and those around you. I think it’s fair to say this is a marathon not a sprint and we need to treat it as such. I’ll see you same time next month!

What have you been up to?

I hope you all out there keep safe and keep writing and smiling!

Did you Know… In 2017 How to make Slime was the most popular…

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31 thoughts on “Blog Orbit – Blog Date November 2020

  1. great art but I super love that body curled up, that’s incredible!

    We’ve had no known active cases in my region for more than six months now but people are still reluctant to come out 😦 I bush walk with a nice friendly bunch

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  2. I salute those graphics Simon, truly impressed, you are (no messing around here) a person of several talents, nurture them.
    Yeah Covid…maybe I’ve been around too long and reading too much ‘Earth’ history that is good for a sunny outlook…I’m just sitting here fatalistically muttering ‘Bound to happen. It was bound to happen,’ and other such gloom inducing comments….Never mind it could be worse, we could be part of the USA (my poor friends over there).
    Meanwhile; what have I been doing…. Vol III of my trilogy completed and got such a buzz, I went back to Vol I & II, not to re-write but just tweak for spelling, punctuation, syntax and continuity…. My one happy project!
    Keep on keeping on Simon, it’s all we can do these days.

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