My 50K Words Challenge Completed – Just

I finally got there! 50K words.... breathe that in for a moment. Fifty, thousand words.... in a month. What a challenge it was and although I feel I've achieved something it's the challenge that I've benefited from, it's been hard and it's hurt a bit and I got something out of it. Stories and characters … Continue reading My 50K Words Challenge Completed – Just

Where I’ve been, Nanowrimo and Writing

Hello bloggies, you might have noticed I've not been about much this month, I was hoping to be able to get on here a bit more but my time has been taken up with my Nanowrimo project. What this basically means is that rather than writing blog posts, I've been cranking out about 1600 words … Continue reading Where I’ve been, Nanowrimo and Writing

10 Quotes About Humanity to Inspire the Science Fiction Writer

I loved this post so much – I had to re-blog it. Have a look at Sarah’s blog, she’s got great writing ideas, stories and imagination!

S.C. Jensen

One of the things I love best about Science Fiction is the scale of thematic elements that we get to explore. This is true for creators and consumers of SF art. Of course, the best SF still tackles tangible “real life” conflicts. Some of the most common themes in literature are equally represented in Science Fiction:

  • Coming of Age
  • Courage and Perseverance
  • Love
  • Revenge
  • Good vs Evil
  • Redemption

However, the scale of these conflicts is often scaled up in Sci-Fi to encompass the world beyond human experience. What does it mean to fall in love with a machine? Is humanity ultimately good or evil? Will the planet seek revenge for the things we’ve done to it? Is there any way that humanity can redeem itself?

So I’ve collected some quotes about humanity that might inspire your next creative work. Enjoy!

#1 Educated Monsters

The more humans learn, it seems, the…

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