A few weeks ago I put a post up about taking some drawing advice and inspiration from a book on Drawing Sci-Fi and Finding Imagination. As I said in the post I was going to go back and try again with some better tools.

Well I did and I have…

The first thing I did was get the perspective right – Using a 30 degree (or 60 depending on your point of view) drafting triangle I could get the right construction lines and begin building up the picture

Bit by bit the detail is built up – starting from simple geometric guides, through to form and fine detail. When the drawing was complete, with the line detail marked out in fine tip pen it was time to think about shading.

I’ve never used these markers before but they’re very good (they do soak through the paper though). They’re cool grey sketch markers and they do a solid job of shading large and fine detail. Overlapping doesn’t make the marker draw darker, and there’s lots of subtle shades that help give a great effect.

With the finished sketch looking pretty good becasue the shading helps give it the shape and form that it needs. It even gives the impression of shiny surfaces like on the wing and the cockpit.

I’m going to be using these more so watch out there’s going to be more to come!

ยฉ Simon Farnell 2013 – 2021

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29 thoughts on “Drawing Sci-Fi – Perspectives and Shading

  1. That looks awesome! Nicely done! I love those metallic highlights.

    What kind of markers were you using? Also, you might want to look into marker paper. It has a smooth, slightly glossy surface, which is good for mixing colors, but (more relevantly to what you said) markers don’t bleed through the paper so easily.

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