Marking its 15th anniversary since launch, one of the oldest spacecraft at the Red Planet has provided glimpses of dust devils, avalanches, and more.

Since leaving Earth 15 years ago, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has reshaped our understanding of the Red Planet. The veteran spacecraft studies temperatures in Mars’ thin atmosphere, peers underground with radar, and detects minerals on the planet’s surface. But perhaps what it’s become best known for are stunning images.

Read the full post here on NASA’s website:

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25 thoughts on “Celebrate Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s Views From Above

  1. So many spacecraft are only meant to last a few months, or maybe a year or two, but then a lot of them just keep going and going. It’s incredible how much exploration time we can squeeze out of one little spacecraft!

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      1. Hey Simon.
        Emergency request. How are you on Word?
        My usual laptop is out of action awaiting a battery. My back up which I have not used for years I have updated and so has Microsoft but Word will not let me ‘add to dictionary’ despite my best efforts to change via Proofing?
        I am trying to catch up on my writing and this is getting in the way.
        Have you a simple, very, simple step by step guide for a techno-phobe to convince Word to put the dictionary back in. I have followed various guides but I suspect they all make the usual mistake of assuming the reader can make the leap they do when writing out their explanation.

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      2. Thanks Simon.
        There I was making up words (for years and years and years) and adding to dictionary and suddenly on this old machine option not available just ghosted out. This is quite new to me as it’s always been available, whether it’s got something to do with downloading a doc from a Cloud or a Memory stick (I have both)?
        If you don’t update with a novel at some stage Word has a hissy-fit and tells you it simply can’t spell check anymore.
        I will give these both a try and see if there is anything here which will help.
        Thanks for getting back to me so promptly.
        Will let you know.


      3. Ah young man. thou are thrice blessed then 😉
        (Since my usual laptop died on me earlier this week, and a mighty struggle goes on with one which I’ve not used in three years, which has an entirely different perspective on Windows 10 and Word… the things I’ve learnt this week!)


  2. wow… they’re gorgeous photos!
    love always,
    ps. this is science_girrrrrl here. changed my name after i started a second site. speaking of which- remember those stories i used to write? like you’d give a word and then i’d comment with a story? yeah, so i took your advise in the end and started a blog dedicated to poetry and stories.
    thanks for that little idea so long ago… ❤
    if you'd like, check it out here-

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