Hi there bloggies, hello and welcome to March the 237th or in other words – August. That alone is quite a staggering thought, this is August. I mean, what happened? How is this even possible?

The good thing is that no one put water on a mogwai…. if that’s even how you spell it.

So what have I been up to this month, well the short answer is not a lot really, well not on here at least. but there are a couple of things worth mentioning. Firstly is about my Comet Hunting Challenge where I spent a couple of weeks hunting for a very faint smudge of light in the sky – and eventually found it.

The next thing was this months blog battle story – the word prompt for this month being Wretched and I came up with Tenya’s Awakening – a story about… well you can read it for yourself 😉

With everything still being as mad as it is and with the possibility of Godzilla being the next thing to rear its head I’m not sure what you’ll find from me thins month but I will be about and hopefully with some fun new stuff.

I hope you all out there keep safe and keep writing and smiling!

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18 thoughts on “Blog Orbit – Blog Date August 2020

  1. I just read Tenya’s Awakening, great story my friend! And as for 2020, I’ll sum it up with this, I just came from the market and saw a young man with a tshirt and mask that said “2020 Sucks.” I couldn’t agree more, ugh…🙄

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